Ceremony Locations

Our ceremony locations are in Central Coast cities like Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Cambria and Santa Barbara. We have a variety of ceremony locations – from on the beach, to overlooking the water, to the vineyards. Some locations are reserved areas that require a permit, while some locations do not require a permit.

To view more photos, click on the link under the location name. If the location requires a permit, once you click on the location link it will say if a permit is required. If needed, we take care of the paperwork for the permits..  


Located in Pismo Beach and Shell Beach

Gazebo Location

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Gazebo Wedding location in Pismo Beach - Coastal California Weddings
Wedding Gazebo - Coastal California Wedding

Gazebo Cliff Location

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Gazebo Cliff Elopement Package - Coastal California Weddings
Gazebo Cliff - Coastal California Weddings

Ocean Cliff Location

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JessicaFrancisco-Ocean Cliff Wedding Location
Ocean Cliff - Beautiful Pismo Beach Wedding - Elopment Packages in California - Coastal California Weddings

Ocean Dunes Location

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Ocean Dunes Wedding Location in Pismo Beach - CoastalCaliforniaWeddings.com
Ocean Dune - Pismo Beach Wedding Ceremony Location

Pier View Location

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Pier View Elopement Locations - Coastal California Weddings
Pier View Wedding Elopement Pismo Beach CA

Rock Beach Location

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Rock Beach Elopment Ceremony Location by Coastal California Weddings
Rock Beach Wedding Elopement Location in California

Tide Pool Beach Location

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Tidepool Beach Wedding Ceremony Location for Elopement in California
Tidepool Beach Sunset Ceremony Location in Pismo Beach CA

Tree Grove Location

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Tree Grove ​Wedding Location California Wedding Spots
Tree Grove Beach Wedding Location in Pismo Beach CA

Forest Grove Location

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Forest Grove Romantic Elopemnet Beach Ceremony Location in California
Forest Beach Wedding Ceremony_0128

Central Coast Wine Country

Winery Location

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Winery Elopement Packages in Santa Barbara Wine County - Coastal California Weddings
Winery Elopement Wedding Packages - CoastalCaliforniaWeddings.com

Other Central Coast Beaches

Morro Bay and

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Other Beach Elopement Locatoins
Other Beaches Morry Bay