Covid Wedding

When the news of Covid hit California with the lockdown, we shut our doors on March 16th. There was so much unknown. I went into a state of panic for my health and everyone else’s. It was like a doomsday cloud over the US. 

People stopped working, life as we knew it changed, but the pause and time with my family was a nice break! It was like a long vacation I had to take. 

Because of Covid, our policies for canceling weddings changed. I was giving refunds when it wouldn’t have been part of my normal policies. 

It was sad to have to give the news. I’d guess most of the couples that had to cancel their wedding are still trying to decide what to do. 

For most couples, because of Covid, they’ve felt a fresh start and a new way of looking at things.  Sure, you can postpone your wedding until we are back to some sort of normal and you can invite all 100 – 300 people to your wedding.  But, maybe you now realize that the important thing isn’t so much about all the people that attend your wedding, but instead the most important part of the day is that the two of you will be able to say “I do”, and you will be husband and wife from that day forward. 

Covid Didn’t Stop Us!

Covid Wedding – Canceled

One sweet couple of ours, who is in the Navy, couldn’t travel from their base. The bride to be was shortly getting deployed so rescheduling in a few months wasn’t an option. I talked to her a few days ago and sadly she won’t be able to plan her wedding for a few more years. 

Covid Wedding – Postponed

Another couple considered a Zoom wedding. But, I gave my option and told her it would be much more romantic to have an intimate beach wedding. She rescheduled and we now are planning her elopement. 

Covid Wedding – Postponed

For the couple in the photos in this blog, they had a very big wedding planned for June. Because of Covid, it was canceled. But, the couple knew, more than anything, that they wanted to get married! They selected a date in July to get married and decided on Pismo Beach since they had their first getaway to Pismo. It had such special meaning to them and now it’s their special place!

Why Wait? Have a Covid Wedding

Today, engagements are short, and weddings can happen on very short notice.  And, there are really no rules to follow. Oops! I forgot about masks.  No, we will not require you to wear them during the ceremony or pictures.  But, maybe just one picture with your masks on, so that you can remember Covid.

So, there is no excuse why you can’t get married now?  Many of the couples we have married since Covid have expressed how private and intimate their weddings were with just the two of them, or perhaps a guest or two.  And, we can livestream the event, if you think that may be the answer to having your friends and family remotely join in the festivities.

Even selecting a wedding dress has become simple.  Lately, some of our brides have chosen beautiful dresses that they found on line or borrowed from a close friend.  We have even had a bride who made her own dress to incorporate the couple’s shared Caribbean heritage.

We still will be facing some unknowns, but for now, we are marrying couples and helping them celebrate love. We have having Covid weddings and are keeping our guests, couples, and staff healthy – We are open and safe! 

One mom of the bride said this, “I just wanted to thank you and your team for making my daughter’s wedding so special…..with minimal stress for all involved.   I very much appreciate that you were very respectful of all of our concerns over Covid.”  

We’ve been doing this for years!

Lucky for Coastal California Weddings, we’ve been in the elopement and small wedding business for over 6 years. I knew how to have small weddings for people because it’s what I’ve been doing. 

Having to cancel a wedding and plan one again probably sounds very stressful. But, with Coastal California Weddings, we take the stress out of planning. We handle everything you need for your wedding ceremony. I love the weddings we at Coastal California Weddings have pulled off on very short notice.  The couples are just as excited as if they had planned for over a year.  And they are always delighted at how effortless the planning was.  Gone are the days of sleepless nights over who you might offend by not inviting them to the big day.  Also, gone are the worries about which side to stand on, what flowers to select, or what decorations to include.  With the ocean as the backdrop, blue skies with white puffy clouds, and the sound of seagulls in the background, and your true love by your side, what could be more perfect?  

We’ve also added a new service provided by our videographer. He’s offering a wedding videography and live steam package. For those who can’t attend, he’s setting up live steam so your guests can watch your wedding live. And as an added bonus, you have a video that highlights your special day. 

So, let’s strip away all the layers and get down to what really matters – being married to the one we love unconditionally, and, in return, the one who loves us the very same way.  Weddings are not meant to be some perfect day that we build up in our brain, where all the attention is only on us.  A wedding is supposed to be a start of a loving life together.  Let’s begin the adventure.  And, let’s begin it NOW.  Coastal California is here to help.

Whatever your story is, we are here to help you plan your wedding again! Let me help you plan your simply amazing Pismo Beach wedding!