Enjoy Being Engaged 

By February 19, 20211. Wedding Planning, Blog

Enjoy Being Engaged 

by Morgan a Coastal California Weddings Bride

One of the best things I have ever experienced in life, aside from getting married and having my son, was being proposed too. My husband planned such a sweet proposal and I remember wanting to keep the memory in my mind forever. It’s the period of time after his proposal, though, that I wish I would have been more present for—the engagement period.

Depending on how long an engagement you have, there will be a varying amount of time you’re engaged prior to tying the knot. While getting married is the most exciting experience that will occur after you get engaged, that period of time where you are an engaged couple is also special. I wish my husband and I would have allowed ourselves to enjoy our engagement more. That time of our lives was one we looked forward to for years, however it was stressful when it arrived. On top of planning our wedding, we were in our last semester of college and moved into our first place together a couple months before our wedding day. I remember studying for exams while picking floral arrangements, going to taste wedding cake and looking at apartments for rent. We were very fortunate to have Natalie as our wedding planner at this time and she handled almost everything except the reception. However, we definitely allowed ourselves to feel stressed and overwhelmed while we were engaged. Looking back, that was such a magical time in our lives and I was in such a rush to walk down the aisle that I forgot to take in all the fun of planning a wedding with my best friend, trying on wedding dresses, tasting cakes and honestly just staring at the engagement ring on my finger.

If you are currently engaged, enjoy every second. Make sure to stop and enjoy being engaged! I know you are probably in a rush, but enjoy being a fiancé for a little while. Go on date nights and take time in the middle of wedding planning chaos to breathe and step away from it all—even if you only take a break for a couple of hours. Allowing yourselves to be consumed with stress is not healthy for either of you, so give yourself at least one night a week with no wedding talk. I wish my husband and I would have done this when we were engaged. I think it would have helped us enjoy the wedding planning process more and we would have truly gotten to enjoy being engaged to one another. Another way you can enjoy your engagement is by having a Bridal Shower, Wedding Shower or Engagement Party. This is yours and your future spouses’  time to shine. Allow people to celebrate your upcoming wedding if that is something you would enjoy and appreciate. You can also have a Bachelor/Bachelorette party. This is another fun way to enjoy your engagement and celebrate your upcoming marriage with friends and family.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate and enjoy being engaged, remember that this time is about you. You are a bride (or groom) to-be. Don’t be ashamed to buy that cute tank top that has “Bride” printed on it or show off that engagement ring. You are about to embark on the most wonderful journey of your life, but there is no need to rush. Enjoying your engagement will only make marrying your best friend that much more special.