Flower Girl Dresses and Accessories

By October 18, 20191. Wedding Planning, Blog

Flower Girl Dresses and Accessories – Last year my daughter wanted to be a flower girl. I decided to set up a mini-anniversary session at the place where we were married.  It was a really fun way to celebrate and have our little one be part of our celebration.  I made her a bouquet and found her a dress. I wore white and my husband wore the shirt from our wedding.  It meant a lot to me!

At our weddings we love to have the couple personalize their ceremony!  That sometimes looks like having a flower girl at the ceremony.  Last week we had a flower girl and ring bearer all in one.  She walked down the aisle with a bouquet, stood up next to her mom and then presented the rings. Her mom found her a cute little pink sparkly purse.

Here’s some of my favorites for flower girl dresses and accessories.

Blush pink sequin dress

This dress came from Amazon and you can buy it here .  I actually bought this dress for my daughter’s holiday photos. It fit really well and was cute on her.  It also comes in purple. 


Purple and white dress

This dress also came from Amazon and you can buy it here. I’ve seen this dress in a lot of places and thought it was cute.  It was a little big and had to be taken in a little. I think if your flower girl is going to wear it once it would be a good option.  Just take a little needle and thread to the back of the dress and it will make it fit better. You don’t have to be a seamstress because I sowed it up and it worked well.  

The nice thing about this dress is that it comes in different colors like white, blue, and blush. 


Shoes, shoes and more shoes

I found this great website called Pink Princess – perfect for little ladies!  They have a nice variety of shoes at a really good price point.  https://www.pinkprincess.com/girls-dress-shoes.html

They also have same day shipping from LA which is perfect for last minute requests!


Flower girl personalized robe

She can look like one of the big girls with her own robe!  This is adorable!  It has a cute floral print and comes in toddler sizes and can be personalized.  


Here are some other ideas for flower girl dresses and accessories for online shopping.


Shopping online can many times be easier than taking a little one to the store!  I searched Nordstom and they have a nice selection of dresses and shoes for flower girls.  I found a nice selection of ones that were $40.  See the pictures below.  Nordstom is a nice option because they offer free shipping and free returns.  You can order a variety of dresses and then return the ones you don’t like.  



Macy’s is another online option. They have more of a selection online than in the stores. And, if you don’t like what you purchased, you can return it to the store instead of ship it back.



During Easter and Christmas time Costco has a nice selection of dresses.  For my wedding I actually purchased my flower girl dresses from Costco.   


Flower Girl Headbands

Sweet Valentina is a shop on Etsy that sells headbands for flower girls. They also sell dresses, but they seem a little expensive to me. 


Flower Girl jewelry

It’s always sweet to get your flower girl a gift. And, jewelry makes the perfect girl!

Here are some favorites:

Pearl and initial bracelet

This pearl bracelet can be customized with your flower girls initial. It came from Etsy and can be ordered here.

Flower charm and initial bracelet

Here’s another sweet option for a gift. This bracelet comes with a customized initial charm and flower. The flower is available in a few different colors.

Order this bracelet here

Hope you have some ideas for flower girl dresses and accessories