Here’s a little bit more about Lynda.

Each couple is unique and their love story is special to them. Lynda crafts each ceremony with that in mind. She supports every couple who is in love and is so happy when they want to be married! She is both spiritual and religious, but understands and respects the beliefs of each couple. Lynda has performed religious ceremonies that are more Catholic, heavier on God, mixed faith (Christian, Muslim and Buddhist) and also spiritual ceremony that reference the earth and the ocean without any mention of God.

What do you like about elopements and small weddings?

I like that small weddings are more intimate and reflect the couple and their love for each other .

If you could have a super power what would it be? I would like the power to revisit various periods of history and experience what life was like then.  But, I want to return to today, where life is always an adventure.

What’s your favorite kind of wedding cake? I prefer traditional – vanilla cake with fondant frosting but add a filling of lemon for one layer and raspberry for the other.

How do you prepare for each wedding? I reflect on the couple and their special day.  I hold a special thought for the couple and feel honored to be part of their celebration.  Most couples tell me a little bit about how they met or what attracted them to each other.  Many also mention what qualities they like in each other.  I always try to incorporate this information into the ceremony to make it more personal.