A little more about me…I probably should have eloped!  But, that’s a long story that we can talk about over a glass of wine.  I always wanted a small wedding, and after a little bit of some rearranging, the wish came true!  I’ve planned large weddings for couples, but I keep going back to small wedding and LOVE how they turn out!  

What I like about elopements and small weddings? I believe in spending money on the important parts of a wedding, the true meaning of the words said during the ceremony and a really delicious wedding cake (nicely smashed across the other person’s face).  

Each time I plan a wedding, I treat it like it’s my own.  Our team pays attention to the details that matter the most to the couple and the photos that will be lasting reminders.

If I could have a super power what could it be? I’d want to turn back time!  It would be great to be able to go back a few more seconds or speed up time a little. There’s so many times (ha, ha) where I just want to just go back a few more minutes to relive that moment.  

What is your favorite wedding song to dance to? Hands down, September by Earth, Wind and Fire 

In my free time I like to rummage through an antique store.  I like things that have history. I once bought at vintage purse with a ticket stub from a Broadway show from 1914. If that ticket stub could talk!

Fun fact – both of my grandparents eloped!  And, I have the photos of them both on their wedding day.  Bonus points if you can guess where they eloped.