Pismo Beach Elopements – South Pismo Beach

By February 20, 20213. Our Happy Couples, Blog

Pismo Beach stretches from the North towards Grover Beach and to the South towards the cliffs. The pictures below show some Pismo Beach Elopements – South Pismo Beach area.

This area is really pretty since there are the cliffs – whites, yellows and browns create a pretty backdrop with the natural colors. If the tide is low enough, there is a cave and more rocks that create tide pools.

To get to the Pismo Beach South section of the beach for your elopement, there are some stairs to climb up. There are a lot of stairs, so I wouldn’t recommend the location to someone who isn’t up for the exercise.

This location is also a nice one because there are some hotels close by. Some of our couples stay at the hotels and then walk to their wedding ceremony. If a couple wants to have a first look, this location is great because the groom can meet us on the beach while the bride is getting ready – then they see each other for the first time.

These photos of the Pismo Beach elopements – South Pismo Beach were ones with just the couple. Whether it’s just the two of you or some close friends and family, let Coastal California Weddings plan your Pismo Beach Elopement.