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We had the most perfect wedding with our parents and siblings. It was everything we could have hoped for and more. Thank you to Coastal California Weddings

It was amazing. Thank you so much! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

I just want to thank you from the bottom on my heart. Our wedding was absolutely amazing. Both you ladies really made it super easy, beautiful, and stress free. I will forever be grateful to Coastal California Weddings. Definitely made my beach wedding version come true!

I'm so very grateful to have had you as my wedding planner, you and your crew made my day extra special for me and my family. Thank you for going above and beyond to give us our personal day.

Thanks so much for making our special day so fabulous. We loved everything.

Working with Natalie through this crazy time she made it so easy for us to follow through with our date. There was definitely some ups and downs but in the end I couldn't of asked for a more perfect day. Natalie and Julie were amazing.

Thank you Natalie for conducting one of the best days of my life! Even covid didn't stop you from putting together something unforgettable! I would do this again and again if I could. You made it easy and so much fun! Thank you so much!

Another thank you from our bride!

Special shout out to Natalie and Julie at Coastal California Weddings who provides us with the most perfect wedding ever.

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Love it! The day turned out amazing and I couldn't be happier.

Melanie and Rob

Thank you for our perfect 2-02-2020 wedding! It was simple, and exactly what we wanted. The flowers were beyond beautiful.

Sandra and Ruben

Thank you so much Natalie. It was really nice meeting you all and it was a gorgeous day.

Ashley and Trey

Love, love, love this pic! Thank you so much for planning such a perfect day. Rain and all we couldn't have had a better ceremony. You guys are absolutely the best.

Josh and Kim

YAYAYA!!! I loved everything you did for us (including my gorgeous tulips)! Thank you for helping us capture our barefoot beach wedding.

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Rhapsody and Tim

We are beyond thrilled with the pictures. I wish we would have had you there longer so we could had had even more photos. I am shocked we got so many great ones! Thank you to your and your team for making our wedding a dream come true! – Rhapsody and Tim

Reviews Coastal California Weddings

Anna and Alanzo

Thank you so much for officiating our wedding. You took the time to get to know us and as a result the ceremony was perfect. You made the whole process easy and comfortable for us. You’re great at your job and we’re lucky to have you as part of our special day.

Wedding Reviews of Coastal California Weddings

Samantha and Harry

Ahh we loved you! Thanks for making our day amazing!

Ashely and Ryan

On the day of their wedding!
Yay!!! You are amazing!! I can’t wait! Thank you so much for everything you do!!

On their year anniversary
Thank you so much love.
You are so sweet and wonderful. We are so lucky to have had you do our wedding. I hope we can make it to Pismo soon and see you!!

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Wedding Elopement Review of Coastal California Weddings Eloepment Packages Pismo Beach
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Melissa and Trent

A sneak peek of our photo shoot! This group did such a great job! They made our day amazing!

Pismo Beach Wedding Review of

Felicia and Eli

Natalie you were phenomenal today! Eli and I had so much fun with you on our “photo shoot” lol A million thanks to you and your team for making this day not only a stress free breeze but a day we will cherish for the rest of our lives!

We love the photos you sent!

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Aurora and Ted

Once again, THANK YOU for such a lovely, relaxed and flexible ceremony we were taken back by the beauty of it all and the ease of how you worked.

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Dianne and Robert

Thank you so much for everything! It was everything that we had imagined times 100! That picture looks amazing! We cannot wait to see the rest of the pics!

Lunch was great! And Robert did an amazing job pulling off the planning and everything!

We’re already wishing we could do it again! The day went by extremely fast and super smooth! We’re so glad we went with you ladies to make our wedding day very very special!

Kim and Dave Wedding Testimonial of Coastal California Weddings Pismo Beach CA

Kimberly and Dave

I wanted to say thank-you for everything you did for us. Our wedding was more than I could have ever imagined! Everything you did was amazing and there is no way I could have done this without you! Even more than the planning, thank-you for handling everything I didn’t know about on the day of as well. I cannot recommend you and your company enough. You and your teams were so incredibly awesome! I had this vision in my mind and you made it even better! Even with the unusual wind, it was beyond perfect!

And even after their anniversary photo session they wrote, "We absolutely adore you Natalie! Not only are you the best wedding coordinator on the planet, but you are such an awesome person as well! Thank you for doing these for us. We are so grateful.

Feliz and Necemi

Thank you so much for everything, it was beautiful.

Adam and Alexandra

Not only did I get a sweet text from the bride after the ceremony, but after the photos were sent out the groom's mom sent us a thank you, AND the bride wrote the nicest comments after we put out our blog from her wedding.

Her text, "Thank you so much Natalie! I am so grateful to have found Coastal California Weddings! I could not have asked for a more beautiful ceremony."

After the blog post, "So our wonderful wedding coordinator posted this to her blog just days after out wedding but I hadn’t seen it till tonight. I have checked out her blog every once in a while the same way I did prior to the wedding but somehow I missed it. Now almost 4 months later I read it from her point of view and got another chance to relive that day. Thank you Natalie for your kind words and of course all of our hard work to make our wedding amazing. "

Thuy and Tyler

Thank you so much for making our wedding day so perfect! It was exactly how we imagined it would be. And, the photos are amazing!!! We are enjoying looking through them. We can’t wait to print them out!!! Wonderful wonderful job!!!!! Thanks a ton!!!!

Tree Grove Beach Wedding Location in Pismo Beach CA

Brian and Kristine

Thank you so much for making this an unforgettable day! We’re both so fortunate to have met you and watch this whole process come to fruition. Seeing you so dedicated to making dreams come true for couples was quite evident with your enthusiasm and utmost care for our occasion. Thank you once again!

Trina and Jim

A cute little thank you addressed to “THE BEST WEDDING COORDINATOR”

Garden Wedding San Luis Obispo_0001

Nathan and Katie

It was great to work with you! The wedding was so wonderful that we wish we could do it again!
We REALLY look forward to getting the photos, so we can re-live the day!
Thank you for all of your hard work and effort.!!!

We loooooveeeeee the photos. All of them are beautiful. Thanks for capturing the very important day of our lives.
Again, thank you so much. We are grateful that we found your website. You’re awesome.

Anniversary Wedding Photography_0422

Mitchell & Cari
(We married them and then they came back for anniversary photos)

I must tell you how thankful we are that you were who we chose to orchestrate our wedding day!! I booked with you almost a year in advance and you shared with us the entire journey leading up to that very special moment, never skipping a beat! You even wished us happy holidays in the meantime. ? I remember the night I ran into a snag. It was 9 o’clock at night when I contacted you with questions and you were there to answer them!! Thank God, you being there that late night allowed me to get a good night sleep. ?
Every detail we discussed verbally, you made note of and sent it to me step by step in black and white. That was so helpful! With all the planning i had going on, you gave me written detail to resort to when I needed it.
You offered ideas where I didn’t know what to do and everything played out perfectly as planned. You and your team are superb!! Thank you Coastal California Weddings for making our ceremony as special as we could have ever imagined it to be!!
I’ve already been asked and without hesitation, I gave an inquiring couple your name and number. I know you will make their day special too… It’s what you do!!
Thanks so much, we appreciate you!!
The Newlyweds,
Mitchell & Cari

Samantha and Chaz

It was a dream getting married here, thank you Coastal California Wedding our wedding was perfect!

Mackenzie and Jimmy

Thank you for helping make our day so amazing and special.

Beverlee and Jojo

Oh Natalie I love this pictures. Thank you for capturing this moment.

Chantell and Ramon
Tide Pool Beach WeddingLarge Hotel Wedding Pismo Beach_0114
Thank you so much! It was more beautiful than I had imagined♡ Thank you again for making our day so beautiful!!!!!!!!! ♡ I am beyond happy that we found you for our special day! Everything was perfect. You are your crew are AMAZING at what you do! 🙂

Maria and Yuri

Tracy and David
Shell Beach Cliff Side Wedding_0222
Thank you so much for the photos.  They capture the love, joy, and spirit of our perfect wedding day.  We think you are amazing, and so do our guests, who have given many, many compliments. There are special people who touch our lives and we couldn’t be happier that you are now a part of our love story.  Hope we stay in touch.

 Angelica and Vanessa

Gillian and Dayl

Thank you so much for making our wedding day perfect. We really couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you again fro everything. Lots of Love. (The happy couple was from Scotland!)
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Leanne and Joe

Julie and Tyler

Audrey and Zach


Dee and Kirt

Amelie and Alex

JD and Baylee

Thank you for helping to make our day so special! We loved all the photos you took of us.

AC Testimonial

Alicia and Vic

Natalie!! You were beyond amazing in everything! I couldn't have had such an amazing day without you! Thank you so much for absolutely everything!!

IJ Testimonial

Indi and Jayton

SO beautiful! Thank you again for all your help! I was so impressed by you and your company. Thank you so much for making our day perfection!!

Places to stay: Inn at the Cove, Spyglass Inn, The Cliffs, Shore Cliff Places to eat: Pismo Lido at Dolphin Bay, Oyster Loft (near the pier), SeaVenture (also a hotel, but not my favorite rooms), McLintocks (BBQ, casual Western atmosphere) and Rosas . Sycamore Mineral Springs hotel and restaurant. San Luis Obispo (more options) Bueno Tavola (romantic patio with Italian food), Korbel by Blue (American food, romantic), Novo (outdoor patio on the creek, Asian fusion, vegan and vegetarian options), Giuseppe's (modern Italian food), Ciopinot (seafood).

Mandi and Chad

Best day of my life and you were amazing! Thank you for all you did! We definitely couldn't have done it without you!

Coastal California Weddings Reviews

Melanie, a bride we married who commented on how well we did

Beautiful picture. You guys do a great job. We were so happy with our wedding and pictures.

Shandra and Vince

So cute!!! You made this experience the best one of our lives!! I don't want to give you up yet.

Shandra and Vince

Even more from Shandra and Vince...I really do not know where to start with the amount of love I want to give to Natalie. From the start, you were literally my wedding rock! You answered all my email in a very friendly and welcoming manor, and you were quick to respond! Once I found you, I knew we were not going anywhere else. You truly took the time to know us (from miles away) and make sure that our day and our love story was exactly how we pictured it. I was never afraid to ask you if we could incorporate this or that, and you made sure to make my (new) kids as important as me and my soon to be husband. I knew my entire day was in your hands and even if it rained we would make do because it was going to be the best day ever!

Megan and Dan

Ekk! Love, love, love. Thank you so much for everything.

Caitlin and Clein

The pictures came out as amazing as our wedding. Thank you for making our wedding so stress free. We could not be more thankful.

Amanda's Wedding Review and Testimonial of Coastal California Weddings in Pismo Beach

Amanda and Joshua

Thank you guys so much!! Pictures were fabulous just as that wedding!? You really made things so easy! Thank you so much! I was really worried about planning a wedding so far away from home but you guys rock ??

Heather and Octavio Elopement Review of Coastal Californai Weddings - Pismo Beach

Heather and Octavio

Thank you ! You made the day beautiful!

Chelsea and Daniel Testimonial - Coastal California Weddings - Elopement Package
Chelsea and Daniel - Coastal California Weddings

Chelsea and Daniel

This was the best day ever! ?Natalie and her team were so lovely to work with, she coordinated everything perfectly by really listening to our requests including the photos, the sunset, the vows, my bouquet & Dan's boutonniere were stunning & just what I asked for and more. Natalie and her team were also really great to work with from long distance via email and text message. Linda our minister was so professional and sweet. So thank you again for our perfect day. I would highly recommend Coastal California weddings to any couple looking to have their dream wedding at a very reasonable and fair price ! We can't wait to come back to Pismo beach someday!

Shandra Miller Wedding Elelpement Review

Shandra and Vincent

I really do not know where to start with the amount of love I want to give to Natalie.

From the START, you were literally my wedding rock! You answered my e-mail in a very friendly and welcoming manor, and you were quick to respond! Once I found you, I knew we were not going anywhere else!

You truly took the time to know us (from miles away) and make sure that our day and our love story was exactly how we pictured it.

I was never afraid to ask you if we could incorporate this or that, and you made sure to make my (new) kids as important as me and my soon to be husband.

Not only that, but you were so incredibly soothing and understanding to my concerns and frustrations. AND you and Julie were just a peach to my family.

I think i was more excited to finally meet you than I was to see my soon to be husband (but don’t tell him that LOL)

I knew that my entire day was in your hands, and even if it rained we would make do because it was going to be THE BEST DAY EVER! I never once saw my bouquet and how the dog tags would look with it, but I never once doubted you or your team.

I truly wish every experience in my life could be as easy as you made our wedding <3

It was the best wedding gift we received!

I can go on and on about this, but I am already referring people because that is how much I truly stand behind everyone at CCW!

Erica and Anthoy wedding testemonal - coastal california weddings - pismo beach

Erica and Anthony

Coastal California Weddings gave us our dream ceremony. Everything was so perfect. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. I am in love.

Thays and Joshua - Wedding Elopemenet Testimonial - Coastal California Weddings

Thays and Joshua

Thank you so much for giving us the wedding of our dreams ❤️

Jessa and Jared

Jessa and Jared

Thanks to you and your team for making everything so easy and most of all fun!


Thank you Coastal California Weddings for helping me to plan a beautiful wedding. Natalie you are truly talented at what you do. Because of all your help my wedding turned out absolutely gorgeous!!!! can't thank you enough Natalie. Your business team was also very professional and a pleasure to work with, I can't say enough good things about Coastal California Weddings.

Mathew and Michelle

Thank you so so much again!!!

Rachel and Olivia

Thank you for making our day so special!! We still have family and friends talking about how great everything was for the ceremony. You were so easy to work with, even from overseas!. If any of our friends are looking for someone to plan a small wedding for them in California, we will absolutely be recommending you. Thank you so much again!