Simple Wedding Planning – Part 2

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Simple Wedding Planning – Part 2

(This resource is a follow up to the blog post . If you haven’t read steps 1-5, read that blog first.)

So, you have the first parts of the wedding planning taken care of. Here’s the next things to tackle. 


6. Confirm details with the two of you

Set aside some time with your fiancé and go over the details. Make sure you both aren’t distracted, that you are excited and ready (after a bad day at work isn’t the best time to do this), and not too tired, or hungry! 

Details to talk about include: 

  • The wedding date 
  • The ceremony location 
  • The time 
  • The important guests can make it 

Confirming the details says, “we are ready to get married and do this!”  Confirming the details means you have decided on the above items. 

Now, a little something about those important guests…because I know everyone is busy! But, hopefully you can ask your parents and other vip guests  if they have something planned months from now on the date you plan to be getting married. The important guests are those who you really, truly want to see you get married. 

When planning my wedding I remember getting frustrated that some of my husband’s friends weren’t free when we told them our planned wedding date. It got to the point where we both said, this is our wedding day and if Dusty can’t make it to the wedding, and this is the date we want, then oh well he won’t be there. Facebook Live wasn’t available back when we got married, but today it’s there for those who can’t make it to the ceremony. 

And, the flip side of things is that if someone really wants to make it to your wedding, they will probably rearrange their schedule! 


7. Save the date

Now that you have decided on the date and location of the ceremony, confirm those details with deposits and contracts. At Coastal California Weddings, our save the date paperwork is done electronically. 

Saving the date makes the wedding a little more official! 


8. Start looking at dinner or reception options. And travel and hotel stays. 

We have some favorite places that couples have picked for a simple reception or group dinner. 

For a group dinner, all of your guests can be invited to share in a meal after the wedding. Restaurants would require a large party reservation for you and the guests. 

For a simple reception, there are options from a taco bar all the way to a private chef cooking you dinner. You can save on the costs of a reception by having lunch, booking your wedding on a non-Saturday, skipping the DJ and making your own playlist, and having guests buy their drinks and you provide wine at dinner. 

For hotels, we have a list of those too! 


9. Revisit the budget 

Keep notes of all the expenses for the wedding. Another awesome thing that Coastal California Weddings does is that all the ceremony costs are part of your package. So, that means no extra costs for the ceremony! You do need to obtain your wedding license but that is a very small fee. 

If the ceremony details are taken care of, here’s some other items to think about: 


Car rental 




Wedding dress 

Other wedding outfits 

Hair and make up 

Reception costs 

Reception decorations

Cake/ dessert 

DJ or music 



10.  Let the fun begin! 

Now, the date is saved ,the fun details of the wedding can be planned out! 

However, I feel the best planning question to get answered is the look and feel of the wedding, sometimes know as the theme. Ideas for the look and feel include words like: elegant, casual, beach chic (yes, I think I made up this word!), romantic, boho, colorful, classic and timeless.

The look and feel sets the tone for the wedding. For example, if you want a casual, beach chic wedding you may want your dress to be short with a touch of lace and sparkle. Your flowers would be a whispy bouquet with greenery and pops of purple and burgundy. Your bouquet may have a starfish fastened to the ribbon for the beach theme and your aisle will be lined with driftwood and shells. You and your guests would be bare foot. 

However, ff you are going for more of a classic, romantic feel your wedding could be at the gazebo location. Your bouquet would more round with a variety of whites and cream colors with hints of blush pink. The bridesmaid would be dressed in blush pink and carry small rose bouquets. The guests would be a little more dressed up. 

If you still aren’t sure about the look and feel, the next step would be to go dress shopping. The dress, many times, sets the theme for the wedding too. 

Once you book your wedding with us, we provide you with a detailed guide that goes over the theme, look and feel, colors, and other important wedding details. 

Meanwhile, Pinterest might not be the best place for the early stages of planning. 

To clarify, these 10 tips from our simple wedding planning parts 2 and 1 will give couples the information they need to stay on track with how and what to plan for their wedding.

We help with all the wedding ceremony planning and help you to have a simple amazing wedding, that keeps you on track with your budget!