The Best Time to Elope to Pismo Beach

By February 19, 20211. Wedding Planning, Blog

The Best Time to Elope to Pismo Beach –

Getting married at Pismo Beach is sure to be beautiful any time of year, but some times are a little better than others. Because Pismo Beach is on the coast, it is wonderful to elope there almost any time of year. 

It’s located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It’s a small little beach town full of charm!  

Here’s some photos from some weddings from different times of the year:

This couple was married in November.

This couple was married in February.

This couple was married in January.

This couple was married in February.


This bride with her cute step son was married in June.

This couple was married in July.

Time of Day

One question I always get asked is the best time of day to get married. I always like weddings from 2 – sunset time.  

Here’s the reasons why that time of day are best time to elope to Pismo Beach:

  • If you get married in the later afternoon, it leaves the morning to get ready and not feel rushed before the wedding
  • If you wanted to enjoy dinner after the ceremony, getting ready gives you some time to have the daylight 
  • There’s time to watch the sunset together
  • The best lighting for photos is during the golden hour which is time that’s 2 hours before sunset.  But, any time of day where the sun is making its way down is a good time for photos. 

Time of Year

Any time of year makes for a special day for a wedding in Pismo Beach.  Sometimes, the best time to elope to Pismo Beach depends on the date that you want to get married. If you have a special date in mind for your wedding, then keep that date special and don’t change your mind based on the time of year.  

If there’s a date you love – don’t change it. I have a feeling that the date will be perfect!

If you don’t have a date in mind, here’s some information on the best time of year for a Pismo Beach elopement.


I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but the Fall time is the best time to elope to Pismo Beach.  The weather is a little warmer and the sunsets can be amazing.  But, the nights are cooler and perfect for snuggling around a fireplace.  The town also isn’t as crowded either. 


TripSavvy says the best time to visit Pismo Beach is April.  Spring break can be a busy week to visit but after that holiday, the Springtime is a nice time to visit.  


Summer is a great time to get married if you wanted to have a summer vacation and honeymoon in one.  If you have children and want them to be part of the wedding, Summer is good since they are not in school.  They would also really like to spend time at the beach and you’ll make great memories as a family!

Summer is the more crowded time at the beach.  The hotels are a little more expensive on the weekends. 


Pismo Beach can have some pretty winter days. My favorite winter time weddings are the ones where the clouds are in the sky and there is the most perfect backdrop for wedding photos. There can be some sunny 70 degree days in the wintertime too.  

Best Weather

On average, the weather in Pismo Beach is in the 70’s with mostly sunny days. The warmer months are July – October.   May and June can have the fog.  But, a little overcast skies makes for better photos. See each season below for the best time to elope to Pismo Beach. 


Fall in Pismo Beach usually brings mild weather, little chance of rain and averages of 60-70 degrees. You cannot go wrong with eloping in Pismo Beach during this time of year, because the weather will almost always accommodate you. Not to mention, beautiful weather will make for a beautiful background for your wedding ceremony.


Similar to fall, spring will bring average temperatures of 60-70 degrees to Pismo Beach. There is a slightly higher chance of rain than in the fall here, however for the most part that is around March, so if you choose the month of May you will be least likely to have to worry about rain during your wedding ceremony.


Winter is a nice time to visit Pismo Beach if you are hoping to escape lower temperatures, however if you are thinking about eloping in Pismo Beach during the winter, it is important to note that this is the time of year when the chance of rain is highest. The nice part about coastal weather, though, is that temperatures will still average around 60 degrees.


Summer time in Pismo Beach is perfect. The weather on average is a bit warmer than the other seasons and there is the lowest chance of rain. You cannot go wrong with a summer wedding in Pismo Beach. The only minor weather issue you might encounter this time of year is fog during the month of June.

While summer and fall are the best times of year to elope in Pismo Beach, almost any other time of year is just as beautiful. Aside from a slight chance of fog or rain, you will not have to worry about any severe weather. To this day, our wedding guests still talk about how beautiful our small Pismo Beach wedding ceremony was. In my opinion, there is truly no place more beautiful to get married.

Here’s a chart of the weather in Pismo Beach