10 Cute Gift Ideas for the Engaged Couple

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10 Cute Gift Ideas for the Engaged Couple –

I remember the joy of being engaged!  It was around the holidays, so spending our first holidays with a fiancé was a pretty special thing.  We were surrounded by family and friends who shared in our joy, celebrated us, and were excited to plan our wedding day.  Here’s some cute gift ideas for the engaged couple!

Why not share in the joy your friends are feeling and send them a little happy engagement gift to keep their excitement going.  

1. Glass Bowl Filled with Your Favorite Goodies $24.95 for the bowl

This bowl is one of my favorites and I use it every time I have a party. Crate and Barrel is such a classic store filled with a ton of goodies for the home.  If you happen to live close to one, pick up this bowl at your local store or have it shipped to you.  If you are in their store, grab a few goodies to add to the bowl. Or if you want to give the couple to be a little energy to help with the wedding planning, add some yummy munchies from your local Trader Joes – chocolate bars, chips, dips, a bottle of wine or craft sodas, and you can even grab a cute 99 cent card from there also.

2. Glass Champagne Flutes $24.99

These modern looking flutes come in a set of 2. They are sleek looking and would be great for the couple to celebrate their special day.  The flutes can be engraved for an extra price, or you could add your favorite bottle of bubbly with the glasses for a little more fun.

3. A Cute Frame $14.99

Now that the couple is engaged, they are probably going to want engagement photos.  Why not get them a cute frame for their engagement photos.  Add a little note saying how excited you are for them along with the frame.  If you have a favorite photographer, maybe recommend them to the couple (less stress with having to find one). 

4. Customized Frame

Another idea for a frame for the couple would be this personalized one.  It has the couple’s name, date and fun saying. It actually say engaged so it’s a great gift for the engaged couple.

5. Wedding Countdown Blocks

These blocks help the couple count down how many days until they are married. What a great reminder for the countdown to the special day.  The item also comes from Amazon, so if you are a Prime Member then you get free shipping.

6. Amazon Gift Card and List of Favorite Wedding and Romantic Movies

The best gift for the engaged couple is an  Amazon gift card. We think it’s  awesome because you can print it at home!!!  Ok, so I know you have those moments, because I have them too, where life just got busy and you didn’t have time to get a gift.  Select the dollar amount and print the gift card at home.

Click here for the Amazon printable gift card

Here’s our list of favorite movies:

The Wedding Planner

One Small Hitch


The Wedding Date

My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Wedding Crashers

The Proposal

Maid in Manhattan

What are your favorites? Email me so I can add them to our list.

7. Custom Address Stamp

Now that it’s official, let the couple announce that with their invites and letters other letters they send.  You can select pre-inked stamp in black, blue, purple, red, orange, brown, pink or green or you can do the self inking option and add an ink pad in a favorite color of the couple. 

8. Engagement Box $58

This box comes shipped in a cute designed box, congratulations card, ring dish, set of 2 vow notebooks, rose gold pen, and gold confetti poppers.  This gifts for the engaged couple  is priced at $58, but shipping is free. They will also customize your gift buy including a hand written note to your pal if you are shipping the gift directly to the bride to be.  

9.  An Item by Coastal California Weddings – Coming Soon

We are happy to announce we are working on a great gift for newly engaged couples.  We plan to launch this item by Fall 2019. Stay tuned!

10.  A Invite Over to Your House for Dinner to Celebrate

Sometimes it’s just taking time out from your busy day to let your friends know how special they are.  Send them a cute e-vite from Paperless Post inviting them over to your house for a dinner to celebrate their engagement.  They have probably over 100 different party e-vites. I found this cute one to send. 

Cook one of your specialities – mine is shrimp scampi or meatballs.  For either of these meals I’d make a nice green salad with some toppings and homemade dressing, garlic bread and then store buy something for dessert.  You could even add a goodie bag for the couple filled with some wedding themed items from the Dollar Store (nothing needs to be fancy since it’s the thought that counts), gift card for a pedicure, or bath items from Bath and Body Works.   

I like to decorate the table with flowers and give the flowers to the guest to take home with them. I’d probably also want to do a few extra fun touches for the dinner.