Afternoon Elopement Los Olivos

Afternoon Elopement Los Olivos

Some times a wedding is more special when it is just the two of you!  The groom’s mother wanted to attend the ceremony, and the bride thought about inviting her brother-in-law, who introduced the couple.  But, in the end, they decided that they really wanted an elopement without any guests.  During the photos, the couple said their ceremony could not be more perfect for them.  

Most of our couples who travel to the Central Coast select a beach location for their elopement, but this couple wanted a more intimate setting, away from the madness of the beach during spring break.  So, they chose one of my favorite settings – a peaceful winery in Los Olivos.  Since we had rain the night before, everything was a fresh and green. You can also tell from the photos the sky was a   beautiful shade of blue, with puffy white clouds blown by the breeze.  The couple selected a pond area for their afternoon elopement in Los Olivos.  There were oak trees in the distance and weeping willows that had just begun to leaf out.  After the ceremony, they wandered the vineyard to find the perfect spot for their photos. 

The bride wore a long, ivory chiffon strapless gown with a soft beaded bodice.  The bride wanted a custom bouquet and provided us with a photo a bouquet that she wanted.  Our florist was able to create a customized bouquet similar to the photo with a mix of white peonies and roses, accented with white astilbes.  Luckily, this was a spring wedding and our florist was able to get the peonies featured in the photo. 

Some couples have such a special bond, and, with this couple, it was quite evident.  They both wept as they exchanged rings and pledged to be a faithful partner to one another. 

During the ceremony, the bride mentioned that the groom was her rock – the one who she can always count on.  She said that she really admires the way he protects and provides for her and her two children.  And the groom paid tribute to her as a mother with a special type of love for her children.  As a wish for their future, they included how they wished to always supply their children with the tools to become strong, independent, and kind individuals.

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