Beautiful Pismo Beach Elopement

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Beautiful Pismo Beach Elopement

Josh and Amy Tree Grove Beach Elopement

Coming all the way from Michigan, this couple enjoyed the beauty of the Central Coast and the stress free celebration of an elopement.  They both said they had a lot of family members and the cost of a wedding was getting out of hand. They also found out they were expecting a little one, so a beautiful Pismo Beach elopement sounded like the perfect thing!

After the date was saved, we talked on the phone about the plans for the ceremony location.  There was a beach the couple liked, but the ceremony would have to be earlier in the morning to work with the tide. They both agreed that they weren’t morning people, so they decided to go with another beach location – the Tree Grove location.  Sticking with a bit of tradition, the couple did a first look at the hotel they were staying at.  The first look was the chance for the groom to see the bride all dressed up and surprise each other!  For elopements, many times the bride and groom as staying in the same room. The groom gets ready and then sneaks out so the bride can finish up wth her hair and make up.  Then, the dress goes on, and the photographer works wth the groom to coordinate the 1st look location. The bride walks up to the groom and the groom sees the bride for the 1st time in her dress. It is always a special moment and I wish I would have done a 1st look! Then the couple arrive to the ceremony location together.  Other times, we have done a 1st look at the ceremony location, where the groom arrives 1st and the bride second. For a first look they’ve used a car service or taxi for the 1st look at the ceremony site.

The bride and groom arrived at the Tree Grove location and had their wedding ceremony. The bride said she loved that her groom was a kind, hardworking, levelheaded, funny, dependable, creative/artistic, and good man. The groom wished for their future to live a life of happiness, having the freedom to enjoy each others company and find happiness in life even in the greatest of struggles.

After the ceremony, the couple had pictures at the Tree Grove and then went down to the water for some sunset photos for their beautiful Pismo Beach elopement.

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