Bohemian Style Pismo Beach Wedding

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Bohemian Style Pismo Beach Wedding

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Sometimes a couple comes along that represents all that love should be.  And, today, that happened.

I remember our first meeting.  The couple was so happy to be getting married. The bride hadn’t been to the Central Coast but the groom had gone to the dunes many times growing up.  He knew he wanted to get married at the beach so his dreams came true!

The groom had such love for his bride. On the day he met he asked about bridal salons so he could surprise his bride and take her dress shopping. During the planning of the ceremony, the groom made several calls to Coastal California Weddings to make sure all details were covered for their special day.  The day of the wedding, the groom was at the location, putting together a birch branch arch secured with heavy rope that he had made – now that is LOVE!  At the reception location, the bride had decorated the site with mint green and lace table cloths to carry out her bohemian theme. And the head table was decorated with pink and mauve roses and jasmine leaves.

To show his more playful side, the groom had made bean bag toss games for the guests to play before the wedding, and several of the guests tossed a football as they awaited the bride and groom.

For this Bohemian style Pismo Beach wedding, the chairs for the wedding were tied in lace sashes, with the aisle chairs in lavender sashes.  The arch was draped in tulle with a bouquet of lavender and pink roses and trailing jasmine leaves.  The chairs and arch were set up to take full advantage of the spectacular view of the white water below, the blue sky, and the tip of Avila Beach.  As the sun made its descent, and shade fell upon the site, the time had arrived for the magical moment.  As music played in the background, the bride’s mother was escorted by the bride’s brother, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen followed.  Then came two darling ring bearers, who almost stole the show. That is, until the bride, escorted by her dad, was ready to make her appearance.  All rose as she walked down the aisle.  Her dad then kissed her and shook hands with the new man in her life.

During the ceremony, this couple pledged their love to one another with hand-written vows.  (Hers even rhymed!) They gazed into each other’s eyes and smiled during the entire ceremony.  Their new, fresh love was so present in those looks.

During the shell ceremony, their moms were invited to join the groom and bride.  The bride’s mother handed them the shells so they could make a wish for their future together. The groom’s mom held a vessel filled with sand into which the shells were placed, symbolizing the joining of their two separate lives into one.  I am so glad we included the mothers in this part of the ceremony because their parents were so important to this couple.  In fact, they gave the perfect tribute to their parents.  When I asked them to write their wish for the future, they responded by saying:  “We want to create a family with values that our own parents have taught us; ie. honesty, hard work, love, kindness and charity… our wishes are to have a home filled with happiness and fun with two or more children…” What an expression of gratitude  to their parents to acknowledge the part their parents played in their lives, and the values they hope to instill in their own future children.

After the ceremony, family and guests gathered under the cypress trees, overlooking the ocean, for pictures.  The bride’s beautiful, beaded strapless dress with its flowing train was accented by her softly curled blond hair and radiant smile.  And her groom, clad in a tan suit, with his sparkling blue eyes, was enjoying every moment of this special day.

After the photos, the guests gathered for the reception at a famous Pismo Beach spot.  And, the celebration continued.  Everyone was so thrilled to be a part of this special day, and all joined in the fun.  And, the groom’s playfulness continued at the reception, as the bride and groom posed on mopeds on the street beside the venue.  So cute!

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your very special celebration.  May your Bohemian style wedding in Pismo Beach be only the beginning of a lifetime of joyful memories.  With the groom’s playfulness, I’m sure this couple will have an adventure of a lifetime together.  Congratulations and best wishes!