Casual Pismo Beach Wedding 

By December 31, 20183. Our Happy Couples, Blog

Casual Pismo Beach Wedding

Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0001Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0002Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0003Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0004Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0005Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0006Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0007Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0008Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0009Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0010Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0011Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0012Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0013Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0014Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0015Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0016Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0017Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0018Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0019Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0020Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0021Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0022Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0023Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0024Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0025Casual Pismo Beach Wedding_0026I love how casual beach weddings are! Right off the bat, this couple knew they wanted a small wedding with  close family and friends at the Ocean Dunes location, for their casual Pismo Beach wedding.

The bride wanted to capture all the moments of the wedding ceremony. She had getting ready photos with her sister and daughter. Then they added on extra photo time after the ceremony so they could spend more time at the beach. Having a casual Pismo beach small wedding was just what the couple had wanted.

The getting ready photos were the sweet moments captured of the bride with her daughter and the bride’s sister. This photos will be treasured for years! The getting ready photos are some of my favorites since they document those moments before the beauty of the wedding ceremony – the dress before it’s put on, the bride before her make up is on, the calm (most of the time lol) before the storm.

The couple was joined by their children for the  casual Pismo Beach wedding ceremony.  The groom and his son wore matching cowboy hats, which was so cute! The colors for the wedding were lavender and white. The bride had a matching bouquet with her daughter. It was important for the couple to involve their children in the ceremony so they added the shell unity ceremony. It was such a caring and tender moment to have the children part of the unity shell ceremony. During the wedding, the guests stood around the couple and watched them exchange their vows. The couple even had their dog at the wedding ceremony, to join them for their special day.

The Ocean Dunes location is a great venue since the ceremony is up on the dunes. The location is not where you can drive on the beach and you can’t hear any of the noise from the dunes. We just call the location the Ocean Dunes because there is a view of the ocean and the ceremony takes place up on the dunes. The location has an even more amazing view away from people on the beach. Being up on the dunes is best for pictures so there aren’t a lot of people in your photos. The ocean dunes is a favorite for a casual Pismo beach wedding ceremony.