Central Coast Elopement

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Central Coast Elopement –

Morro Bay was the couple’s happy place!  They loved to go kayaking and Morro Bay has some great spots to do that in the bay.  The couple knew they wanted to sneak away to Morro Bay for their Central Coast elopement.

This couple eloped in the true meaning of the word, “run away secretly in order to get married.”  No one, besides the couple fur baby, knew they were getting married!  I love the mystery and romance of a true elopement!

The couple said I do on the bluffs of Morro Bay overlooking Morro Rock. The couple exchanged their own wedding vows and couldn’t keep smiling about how happy they were to be married.

After the ceremony we were able to get some photos of the couple down by the beach. Their dog got in some family photos, but in true dog fashion, she really wanted to chase birds!

The couple enjoyed a few days of honeymooning in Morro Bay after their Central Coast elopement.

I am not a great kayaker, not have enjoyed going kayaking in Morro Bay because the waters are more calm.  Here’s a company that does rentals http://www.kayakhorizons.com .  It’s always fun to walk the beach at Morro Bay too!  During low tide you can find tons of sand dollars on the beach.  There’s also sea otters in the bay if you take the road out towards the rock.  When the surf is good, surfing near the rock is a popular spot.

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