Elegant Beach Elopement

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As a couple who loves road trips, it was only fitting that this couple would travel from Canada to California to be married.  While on a road trip to Detroit, they realized how special they were to each other and that they could picture a life together.  So, on a beautiful fall day on the central coast, with toes in the sand, they pledged their love and faithfulness to each other. They also pledged their commitment to their children who will become an important part of this newly blended family.

For their honeymoon, since they love exploring and getting in the car and just driving to find new and fun things to do, they were headed up Highway 1 to explore a most scenic stretch of the California coast – just the start of many more travel adventures!

How important relationship, family, and love is  blended family so commitment is to each other and to the children that will become part of this newly blended family.

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