Elopement Party Ideas

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If you are considering eloping and feel like you will miss out on a party, check out some of our elopement party ideas for having a party before or after you elope.

Before you elope- If your elopement is not a secret or you have explained to family and friends you are having a small wedding, plan to throw a getting married or bon voyage party. Send out announcements asking friends and family to wish you  well and send you on your way.

After you have eloped- Send out a “look what we did, come and celebrate our marriage” announcement. Host a party celebrating what you did and that you want to share your happiness with friends and family.

Party ideas

-If you and your fiance or the fun, playful type consider renting a room at Dave and Busters, or planning a carnival with corn hole toss, croquet, three legged race, gourmet hot dogs, adult snow cone station and cotton candy.

-If you want something a little more elegant, you could choose a nice restaurant and host a cocktail party with appetizers. Give the party a glitter and gold theme and ask the guests to dress up a little. Or theme it to be a Great Gatsby party where guests dress up in the era and party like a New York millionaire.  During the party toast with champagne and cake. If you are on a budget, consider having the party on a Thursday night since most places give a weekday discount.

-Or how about a food themed dinner party.  You could do an Italian food themed part with Frank Sinatra playing in the background, spaghetti feast, garlic bread, salad, and plenty of red wine.  Or try a Mexican food fiesta with a margarita bar, enchiladas, rice, beans, and live entertainment with a mariachi band.

For either event you can still have all the features of a wedding reception guest book, photo booth, party announcements, place to wear a fancy dress and get your hair done, a photographer to capture the events of the day, and a cake to cut.  You may also decide to register for gifts or just allow friends and family to give you a present if they feel like it instead of being obligated.

As a word of warning, there will probably still be people who don’t approve that you eloped. But there is always someone who doesn’t like something about what you do or don’t do. Either way, relax, have fun, and celebrate the love you share for your partner!

Pictures from an elopement party we planned .

Great Gatsby Party San Luis Obispo