Gazebo Cliff Wedding Ceremony

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Gazebo Cliff Wedding Pismo Beach_0131Gazebo Cliff Wedding Pismo Beach_0132Gazebo Cliff Wedding Pismo Beach_0133Gazebo Cliff Wedding Pismo Beach_0134Gazebo Cliff Wedding Pismo Beach_0135Gazebo Cliff Wedding Pismo Beach_0136Gazebo Cliff Wedding Pismo Beach_0137Gazebo Cliff Wedding Pismo Beach_0138Gazebo Cliff Wedding Pismo Beach_0139Gazebo Cliff Wedding Pismo Beach_0140Gazebo Cliff Wedding Ceremony, Pismo Beach California

It was one of those right places in the right time kind of love stories. A coworker of the bride was on maternity leave so she filled in for her. Robert and Marilou crossed paths and their friendship started to grow. As family told stories about the love the two shared, I was touched about Robert’s kindness and compassion when Marilou’s sister was in the hospital and Robert checked on her and little baby for over a month. Then, I got to see the love the bride had for the groom 3 boys. They were so happy to have a new mom in their lives.

I remember the smiles from the couple during our first meeting at the gazebo cliff wedding ceremony location. I can most of the time tell those forever together kind of moments. The two were excited to look st the gazebo location for their wedding. Their little dog joined them the day we met and was front and center on the wedding day.

The couple also wanted to include the groom’s children in the ceremony so we added the shell unity ceremony and did a special blessing over the family. They also wanted their fur baby to be part of the ceremony. I always love having dogs at the wedding ceremony and most of our locations are dog friendly.

Marilou, Robert and I arranged to have a quick couples portrait session on the beach after the wedding but before the reception. It was perfect! I always encourage couples to take some time as a couple, just the two of them and without any guests to enjoy each other and the moment. The photo session was done in Pismo Beach near the pier.

After the gazebo cliff wedding ceremony, the couple had their reception at one of our favorite places. This reception location has a private room for 30-50 guests. Couples can customize a menu and offer guests up to 6 options to select. The venue has a rustic theme and serves guests a lot of food ( they will not go away hungry)! Menu items range from oak pit BBQ items like steaks and chicken, fish and burgers.

The couple had all the fun of a reception and invited us to be there to photography the reception. Marilou and Robert did their grand entrance walk to Can’t Stop This Feeling by Justin Timberlake. After dinner they did their first dance and surprised the parents with a father daughter and mother son dance. A little music played while the guests did some dancing and then cut their cake. It was the perfect beach wedding at the Gazebo Cliff Wedding Ceremony, Pismo Beach California!