Getting Ready for Getting Ready Photos

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Here’s some tips for getting ready for getting ready photos.

Getting ready photos are the pictures that are taken before the wedding. They include pictures of the bride and sometimes the groom. Getting ready photos capture those moments before the wedding – when the bride has just finished getting her make up on, the small details like the jewelry and the flowers, the dress hanging up, the bride putting on her dress, and special moments with the bride and her family and friends.

For my wedding, I really enjoyed the getting ready photos and they are some of my favorite ones!  The include my mom, sister and I doing some pre-wedding celebrating with champagne, my best friend giving me my something borrowed ( a brooch that belonged her grandmother that she wore on her wedding day), and some great pictures of just me before the wedding started.


Have all the extra details laid out in one place, easy for the photographer to get to.

These items include:

Your wedding invitation

Letter or vows to your fiancé

Jewelry you are wearing that day – necklace, earrings


Rings – both his and hers

Dress – ready for photos (tags off and ready for pictures)

Your shoes

Other accessories like something borrowed, blue, old and new

Other wedding details you’d like captured

Bride’s photos include:

Bride putting on jewlery

Bride putting on shoes

Bride reading a letter or note by groom

Bride with her bridesmaids

Bride with family and friends

Wedding party getting ready

Hair and make up (depending on timing)

Bride’s dress hanging

Details of bride’s dress

Bouquet and other flowers

Bride putting on her dress

Depending on what details the bride wants and the location of the ceremony, getting ready photos  of the bride take around 20 minutes to 1 hour.


Have all the extra details laid out in one place, easy for the photographer to get to.

These items include:

Your shoes

Tie or other accessories that goes with your outfit


Notes or gifts

Groom’s photos include:


Someone putting on the boutonniere

Putting on a jacket or tie

Photos with friends and family

Photos of the groom dressed and ready

The getting ready photos of the groom are not as long as the bride.  Depending on where the groom is staying, getting ready photos of the groom takes around 15 – 30 minutes.

It’s ideal for the bride and groom to be getting ready at the same location if you wanted both bride and groom getting ready photos.

Enjoy the getting ready photos and make sure to take it all in!

If you are a private person and don’t want to get dressed in front of the photographer, just let us know. We can still get pictures of you being buttoned up or putting your shoes on.