Having your children at your wedding

By August 18, 20181. Wedding Planning, Blog

Having your children at your wedding- Deciding how involved you want your little kiddos to be at your wedding

I’ve seen a lot of meaningful weddings where the couple’s children were part of the ceremony.  If you look at our video on the Palm Cliff  location you’ll see the cuties kids at their parents ceremony. They were all well behaved, walked down the aisle, and were so happy to be part of their parent’s ceremony.

But, sometimes, having your children at your wedding  can be rough. Here are some tips for handling your little ones at the wedding.

  • Have a non family member be the care taker. Even though your little one feels more comfortable with a family member, that family member probably wants to enjoy the wedding. Have a younger cousin, friend or even bring your baby sitter to watch the child in case the decide to throw a tantrum, want to be held or start to run towards the cliff.
  • Involve them – At a wedding I was recently the photographer for, the bride’s children read poems. The daughter even wrote her own poem about love that was read during the ceremony. For little children, having them carry the rings might mean they could get lost, but involving them in a blessing might work better. Everyone walking down the aisle to their favorite song might be something fun. Going shopping for special outfits or  make up oand hair n the wedding day might be fun for the girls. While the boys can having matching shoes, ties, and my favorite once was matching cowboy hats.
  • “Just Roll with it ” – As Jonny from Hotel Transalvania (a great kids movie by the way!) knows how to do. Things come up, kids get crankey, they want mom or dad and are in a new place. As a parent you might have to change your wedding day expectations. It might including holding your child during the ceremony, or getting those cry face photos, or maybe even pulling the selfish card and decide not to include them. What ever you plan, just plan for a few kidtastrophies.
  • Plan around nap – If your child needs a nap, it’s probably best to plan the wedding around the nap. My little one was the  happiest at around 11 am.  If I wanted her to be part of the wedding and be in a good mood, I’d plan to have the ceremony start at 11 am.
  • Bring food, drink and maybe their iPad – Have things kids enjoy and might need to make the ceremony better for them.How about packing a wedding day snack pack. Fill it with your little ones favorite snacks, a new toy and stickers. Tell them you have something new for them on the wedding day. When all else fails, maybe bring out the iPad or your phone to watch a favorite show that you know quiets them down.
  • Bribe them with candy if all else fails. Need I say more?!? Yes, having your children at your wedding might include words like, “if you behave we will go to the beach, have cake really soon, or go have ice cream.

If the wedding ceremony photos don’t turn out the way you thought with your little one, come back and see us for a family session

If the day doesn’t go as planned for having your little one in photos, focus on the two of you and your pictures! Plan to come back in 6 months or do a holiday photo session at the beach or plan an anniversary photo shoot. Make a date for a special time for the whole family to enjoy pictures with no other holiday stress.

Something to think about…Having your children at your wedding might sound like a great idea, but remember it is your day – with you and your fiancé. It’s really ok if you two decide just to elope and have the wedding ceremony be just the two of you.  You can be selfish, because it is about you. :).