How to tell people about canceling a wedding or changes –

By August 24, 20201. Wedding Planning, Blog

How to tell people about canceling a wedding or changes

Because of Covid, couples are left with having to cancel, postpone or change their wedding.  We’ve had couples who went from having a large wedding to having to trim the guest list.  Here’s some tips on how to tell people about canceling a wedding or making changes to a wedding during covid.

Canceling a wedding

If you need to cancel your wedding, it’s important to let people know right away. Some guests may have had travel arrangements and hotel arrangements that can be canceled within a certain amount of time. Hopefully, your guests can cancel without penalties. 

There’s a few ways to tell your guests

By phone – you can pick up the phone, the old fashioned way, and let your guests know you had to cancel the wedding. Explain that you were really happy they had agreed to attend, but because of Covid, you need to cancel.  

This way might be the best for your guests who aren’t the best with technology or who you feel you need to explain a little more  about what happened with the original wedding plans. Though, most people should be very understanding.   

By text – you can text your guests a brief message about having to cancel your wedding. Here’s some things you can say:

Hi, I wanted to let you know that Jonny and I had to cancel our wedding because of covid.  This decision was not easy for us, but given the situation of how things aren’t really changing with covid, we felt it best to cancel at this time.  We will let you know if the wedding plans change.

If you have a different venue or idea in mind, maybe add that your text.  Here’s an example of what you can add:  It looks like we will probably have a wedding this year, but it is going to be very small. We plan to have a reception next year and share the photos and memories from our small wedding with you then.

By email – you can send the same text message that you would by email to guests.  Email is a great idea if you plan to keep in touch with your guests.  For example, you may want to tell your guests you have a small wedding planned and that you would love to update them on the small wedding plans.

If you decide to email your guests, you may let them know that you’d really like the guests to still feel like they are part of your special day. You may want to add these lines – Just because we canceled, we still want you to feel like you are part of the wedding day. We will be sending wedding updates to you can find out what we have planned.

For update emails, you can send an engagement photo to your guests, pictures of the new location you selected, an email the morning of the wedding with a short video (made from your phone) where you and your fiancé talk to the guests about how you are feeling and what you are excited for, and after the wedding some photos highlighting the day.

By mail – a card that tells guests you canceled the wedding might be easier since you already have your guests address. 

I found this cute card on Etsy that tells guests you are downsizing. 

At the bottom of this card is a link to a wedding website. You can create a website through the Knot or ask guests to follow you on your social media page. 

Here’s another cute Etsy card


Other Ideas

Other idea would be to tell your guests you have canceled, are planning a small wedding, and then send out an announcement letting your friends and family know you tied the knot. Announce that you will do a “Happily Ever After Party” once the world has calmed down. In these given times, guests should understand that things have changed.  

For your small wedding, invite those guests who you couldn’t see celebrating your day without!  For me, that was my immediate family, and two best friends. 

Covid Weddings

If you are planning to have a wedding during Covid, ask the venue where you are getting married what their covid policy is.  If you are planning the wedding, figure out what your policy should be.

Examples might be – asking guests to social distance, keeping chairs clustered by family and then spaced out 6 feet apart, taking guests temperatures, and asking them to wear masks.

Once you find out the rules of your venue and or the rules that you and your fiancé want, then you can let your guests know. I always like adding an ETC. card that list things like that. On your ETC. card, you can add the address for the reception, gift registrations info, or other information that the guests should know and information that doesn’t go on the invitation.