Married on the Central Coast

By January 3, 20183. Our Happy Couples, Blog

Pismo Beach Elopement Ceremony_0100Pismo Beach Elopement Ceremony_0101Pismo Beach Elopement Ceremony_0102Pismo Beach Elopement Ceremony_0103Pismo Beach Elopement Ceremony_0104Pismo Beach Elopement Ceremony_0105Pismo Beach Elopement Ceremony_0106Pismo Beach Elopement Ceremony_0107Pismo Beach Elopement Ceremony_0108Pismo Beach Elopement Ceremony_0109Married on the Central Coast

For some couples, getting married on the Central Coast is their first time to the area. For this couple, flying into San Luis Obispo from Portland was an easy trip for them!  I think the hardest part was for the bride to find her perfect dress!  I remember our emails about her dress search and how the first place she went was a bust, but once she found her dress on the 2nd try she was so happy!  Once she found the dress, we were able to talk about colors and styles for her wedding flowers. Sometimes, the dress draws the inspiration for the wedding theme and colors. I thought having burgundy and light pink would go very well with her dress – she was happy to go with those colors, not just because they matched her style, but they were the colors of the Hungarian flag.  The couple was Hungarian and met after moving to Oregon. The funny thing was that they actually lived very close to each other in Hungary and even studied the same field. It look traveling all the way to the US to meet and fall in love.

As a special surprise to the groom, the bride had letters from the groom’s family. They were sad they couldn’t be at the wedding, but knew their letters of good wishes for their future would be a great blessing to them.

After the couple was married on the Central Coast. The bride also wanted to surprise the groom by having a champagne toast after the photos.  Since the area of the beach they got married at allows alcohol, I set up the toast for them. It was a bottle of local champagne too!

The couple promised me they would come back to the area to celebrate their anniversary.