Morro Bay Elopement

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Morro Bay Elopement –

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I love sharing this beautiful area, I call home, with couples. My favorite is when we have couples who have never been to the Central Coast, amazed by our beautiful coastline who contact Coastal California Weddings and trust us with their special day. This happy couple traveled 6 hours by plane and 3 hours by car to land on our beaches. The couple was from the East Coast of Canada and came out to California to get married. They were drawn to the rocky coast line and large rock called Morro Rock.  This beach area is pretty amazing with the large volcanic formation.  When the couple arrived to town, the did a little exploring and  found this great off the beaten path location to get married at. It was like a private ocean front garden.

One of the cutest things was when the bride texted me that they arrived early to the ceremony location because they were so excited to get married! It made me even more happy to be part of their special day.

Unique to the Morro Bay elopement ceremony, the couple wanted to exchange letters to each other during they ceremony. They were then going to read the letters after the ceremony. If you know you want to say something to your fiancé during the wedding ceremony, but don’t think you can speak the words without getting emotional, the letter idea is perfect! It also gives you a keepsake that you can add to your box of special items that you can collect as a married couple.

We have a lot of couples that like to turn their wedding into a wedding and honeymoon trip all in one. This couple landed in LA, did some sight seeing there, traveled up the coast  for their Morro Bay elopement  and then drove over to Yosemite to finish off their vacation holiday. Morro Bay is located about 3 hours from Yosemite. Other locations that are close by are Big Sur and Carmel area. Morro Bay is the at the start of Highway 1, on the way up to Big Sur. You can easily access Highway 101 to go up to Carmel or even San Francisco. Morro Bay has a large popular of sea otters than you can view from the shoreline.  Other activities include kayaking the in bay, walking along the beaches, and collecting sand dollars.