Oak Tree Winery Elopement

After going to her friend’s wedding in Mexico, the bride really wanted something simple and beautiful for her wedding.  These two met when the bride went into the groom’s work. She thought he was cute and he never thought a girl as beautiful as her would fall for him.  Well, one date sealed the deal for this couple and they knew it was a sure thing.

For the ceremony, the couple chose an oak oak tree with a vineyards in the background. There are a few oak trees on the property. It was so cute when the groom lifted up the bride right after their kiss. He was so happy to be married to her.

The bride wore a causal, white,  flowey dress and the groom was handsome in slacks  and a button up shirt.  Her white bridal bouquet was a nice accent with her dress.  We had fun taking pictures with the couple sitting in the grass. After the ceremony, they enjoyed some wine tasting and took home a bottle of wine.

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