Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony

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Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0210Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0211Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0212Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0213Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0214Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0215Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0216Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0217Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0218Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0219Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0220Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0221Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0222Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0223Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0224Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony_0225Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony – Having a simple, stress free wedding is what Coastal California Weddings  is all about.  So far, out of all the brides we’ve married, this bride has been the most relax bride!  Thank you for making my job easy.  Some of the things that makes a stress free wedding is keeping things simple. The bride knew right away what her wedding colors were, what extra decorations she wanted and what her flowers would look like.  She kept the decorations simple with a starfish on the back of the chairs, yellow sunflower bouquet, and wanting to involve her family and friends in their special wedding ceremony.

The couple didn’t have the traditional first look. For their Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony they took family photos first. This is always nice since the couple looks their best before the tears start during the ceremony. It’s also a more casual way to start the ceremony. Photos with the couple’s children was important to them so we made sure to get all the right pictures of the children before the ceremony started.  To coordinate the ceremony a little more, the couple’s children wore teal. The getting ready photos were at one of my favorite local hotels. The hotel has a really pretty ocean view and path leading out to the ocean.  The path is right on the water and there are green plants, colorful bushes and a full ocean view right along the path.  There are many places for extra photos.

After the pictures, the ceremony started and the couple was married inside the gazebo.  The gazebo is one of our favorite locations and I like it when the couple is the only ones in the gazebo getting married. It makes the ceremony more intimate for the couple.  The guests were seated around the gazebo and they witnessed the ceremony.  There were a few tears shed during the exchange of rings. The tears of happiness just showed that this couple were truly excited to get married and start their new life together!  After the ceremony, we took the couple down to the beach for pictures.  I really love how the yellow colors pop against the rocks of the gazebo.  The couple had some candid moments together and I caught them whispering about how happy they were to be married.

Ocean View and Gazebo Wedding Ceremony – Married in Pismo Beach