Palm Cliff Wedding

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I really do understand when brides email me saying they just want a simple wedding!  Many times brides get overwhelmed with the planning of a large wedding or there is extra family stress and pressures. I remember my first phone call with Rina, she was so happy to have found a small wedding venue where she could have a beautiful small wedding ceremony and get married. She had planned a large wedding and in her heart it wasn’t what she wanted.  I actually went though that same experience and know exactly how it feels!

The couple wanted a Palm Cliff  wedding because it had an amazing view and large grassy space.  They also wanted to have photos on the beach that is close by to the ceremony location.  The chairs were set up with the palm trees on either side of the couple. The bride made the vases for the hanging flowers and the flowers were selected by our designer to match the bride’s bouquet.  She wanted a pink bouquet with greenery and a little pop of white.  The groom looked handsome in his suit.  The couple’s children were all smiles and tears of happiness knowing their parents were getting married. The couple’s son was the ring bearer and daughter was the flower girl.

After the ceremony, the couple had their reception at one of my favorite venues. I was lucky enough to get a plate of the food and oh my gosh was I in heaven!  Music played as the guests ate and the couple had a 1st dance to celebrate.  Then the delicious strawberry cake was cute.

In the end, it was a beautiful small wedding ceremony that involved her sweet family. It truly was a day of love!

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