Pismo Beach California Elopement

By March 17, 20193. Our Happy Couples, Blog

Pismo Beach California Elopement – Simply Amazing!

Located along the beach in Pismo is the Tree Grove location. It’s such a unique wedding location – with the variety of trees, ocean in the background, and sand at your feet.  It’s a tucked away little spot, that a lot of people don’t know about.  I love the trees that create the perfect natural arch to have a wedding ceremony under. There is a small walk to the location, but I normally grab some photos along the walk.  Any chance to grab a picture with a pretty backdrop for a couple’s Pismo Beach California Elopement I take it!

For this couple, we planned their Pismo Beach California Elopement in a few weeks. When it’s just the couple, it’s easier to do the planning in just weeks. The couple knew they wanted the Tree Grove location because the bride loved the trees.  As you can see, we also go some pictures of the ocean behind them.  The walk for their Pismo Beach California Elopement started where there were some pretty green eucalyptus trees. This location is nice too because the trees hide the sun. It’s always nice for photos when the sun isn’t really direct.  It makes a photo more romantic when the sun just peaks through the pictures.  After our short walk, we found the location and the couple got to select the exact spot where they wanted to get married.  

After the ceremony, we took pictures around the Pismo Beach California Elopement location.  This couple had met through the bride’s brother. The groom had been best friends with the groom’s brother for years. There had always been a little chemistry between the two of them!  They decide to make it official with their Pismo Beach California Elopement with just the two of them.  They spent a few days in the area and brought their little doggie with them.  I made a few recommendations for places in the area. Our local guide is a great way to find out about the area.  For a breakfast recommendation there was Zorro’s in Shell Beach and for a famous place for steak, there was McLintock’s.  Come and celebrate your Pismo Beach California Elopement with Coastal California Weddings!

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