Pismo Beach Destination Wedding

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They met through the love of their children during the Wine and Chocolate Festival in Hanford. They both grew up in a small town, but their paths hadn’t crossed until that perfect event. They always knew we were going to get married but life sometimes gets in the way, thinking of who to invite with a large family and the amount of planning.  They decided to plan a Pismo Beach destination wedding and elope with their daughters  immediate family and seven of their closest friends, who are like family. The bride’s brother and only sibling was leaving for the  US Marines and she couldn’t get married without him!  A Pismo Beach Destination Wedding, in the area they both grew up visiting  was the perfect option!

Their daughters were both very important to them and wanted them to be part of the ceremony – their 1st date was  a play date with their children. Fast forward 5 years to the wedding day, and their precious daughters were front and center for their wedding ceremony. They even presented them both with rings during the ceremony.

The couple had planned to have their wedding ceremony outdoors, but the weather didn’t cooperate. I am always checking the weather during the Winter. January we had warm 75 degree weather and March we had a little rain. Why can’t the rain skip Saturdays, lol?!? We did have a plan b location and ended up moving the wedding to an ocean view indoor location. The venue looked so pretty – decorated with a garland of seeded and silver dollar eucalyptus and lantern lined aisle with matching greenery. The bride carried a bouquet of ivory flowers and a mix of greenery. The couple’s daughters had smaller matching versions of the bride’s bouquet, along with baby’s breath crowns.

After their Pismo Beach Destination Wedding ceremony we spent sometime outside, under a few umbrellas, for the family photos. The rain stopped and we were able to get some photos of the couple with the ocean in the backdrop. There is also a lush garden area with trees and bougainvillea that created a pretty backdrop for photos.

They gave me such a sweet wish for their future, I turned it into a poem:

A Wish for Your Future

Strive to love each other more today than yesterday

Keep your minds open to reason and your hearts full of understanding

For the spark of your kiss  to forever stay bright 

To hold tight to each other’s hands, held in good times and in bad

And to guide each other with kindness on this new adventure