Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony

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Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony

Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony_0001Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony_0002Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony_0003Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony_0004Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony_0005Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony_0006Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony_0007Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony_0009Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony_0010Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony_0011Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony_0012Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony_0013Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony_0014Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony_0015An intimate, elopement wedding is the perfect celebration for just the couple!  A wedding day is about two people, so why not just celebrate with the both of you?

For this couple, trying to find the time to get married was a bit of a challenge with the schedule they had. The bride  worked nights and he worked days. They had been wanting to get married and planning and schedules was making it too stressful.  The bride called me and said they had a few days where their schedules were free and they were just wanting to get married!  It was a midweek elopement of just the two of them for their Pismo Beach elopement sunset ceremony.

The day was a perfect celebration of their love. It really was about the two of them expressing their love for each other, in front of each other. This couple traveled from out of the state to get married on the shores of the Pacific for their Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony. They had never been to Pismo Beach but fell in love with the beauty of the dunes with the trees and ocean in the back drop.

The ceremony was inside at a romantic gazebo where the ocean was the perfect wedding backdrop. To add to the romance of the day, the bride added on wedding photography at a different location. She wanted some greenery and some photos on the beach. We were able to spot a pretty greenery location where the sun had a perfect glow through the trees.

And the bride brought along a few props for the photos like the date she was married and wanted to draw hearts in the sand. I always encourage my couples to select a few inspiration photos that they love. Even though I’m the photographer, I like to find out what the couple wants too. Sometimes the photos the couples like turn out to be my favorites! I think that’s because those photos match them and their elopement style.

We said goodbye on the beach since the two also wanted to share some alone time, just the two of them!

In conclusion, they loved everything about their Pismo Beach Elopement Sunset Ceremony.