Pismo Beach Family Weddings 

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Pismo Beach Family Weddings –

It’s all about family! A lot of our couples want to have the wedding ceremony be about their family.  We love to make wedding ceremonies for our couples more about family.  What’s better than a Pismo Beach Family Wedding!

For the new year I was thinking a lot about our weddings and the special celebration of love. With the holidays, I focused more on family this year. I’m sure my friends didn’t like me, but it was really about memories with my husband and our daughter. I even snuck in a girls trip with my mom and sister and big birthday celebration for my dad. It was those moments with family that I enjoyed. I took tons of pictures and even asked questions about my family history. So, it was all about family for me.

As this year is starting, I’m wanting to encourage our couples to embrace the term “all about family.” Now, this could mean different things to different couples.

  • Family can be the new bond made between just the couple getting married. (As I’ve said before, it’s ok to be selfish and make it all about the two of you.) If it’s just you two, celebrate with others and share in your love after the wedding.
  • It’s all about family can mean including your children in the ceremony. We’ve had step dads pledge their love to their new daughters and gifts being exchanged. We’ve seen sons walk their mom down the aisle or even step daughters walk their soon to be step mom.
  • We’ve had children of the couple be the only guests and we’ve had 40 people who are only family witness the marriage of the couple.

We will share some of our favorite weddings where the couples include their children in the ceremony. Read a little more about our Pismo Beach family weddings where it is all about family.


A wedding we did in late summer is a perfect example of a ceremony where the bride involved her daughter. The bride told me that having her daughter at the wedding was really important to her. I loved the special ways the little cutie pie was part of the ceremony!

To feel almost as important as her mom, the daughter got her hair done. She wore a lacy white dress and carried a basket of petals as the flower girl. The part that touched my heart was when the daughter walked her mom down the aisle. This is such a lasting memory. Then, during the middle of the ceremony, the groom gave his step daughter a ring showing his promise he is making to her.

At the end of the ceremony, the 3 of them celebrated with a champagne and apple cider toast and got to have dessert before dinner and share in a cake cutting.

For their wedding ceremony, it was just the 3 of them!

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We’ve had couples who like to customize their wedding ceremony. This couple asked if we could include a unity cord ceremony for the children, bride and groom to take part in. The groom actually made the wooden structure the cords were attached to. During the ceremony, each member of the family braided the cords together – showing that even though each cord was separate, they are now one. The wedding ceremony also was about family and the love of this new family being one.

The couple was also joined by their immediate family. And to make the celebration even more special, the bride was married on her birthday!

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This handsome young man not only stood up during the wedding ceremony, but he also carried a sign down the aisle. He even had on the most dapper looking outfit!!

This couple wanted a simple boho ceremony with a romantic beach feel. The wedding took place at the gazebo cliff location. They had an arch and lanterns lined the aisle way.

The flower girls were daughters of some of bride’s nearest and dearest friends.

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It’s so sweet when the couple has their children being part of their Pismo Beach family weddings ceremony. One warm day in July a bride’s son shared with me that he was a little nervous to walk his mom down the aisle. It had just been his sister, mom and him for so long! He was the man in charge and now was passing his mom off to another man. The son had happy tears because he was full of joy that his mom found her special someone. The bride wanted her daughter to have a small bouquet in the wedding colors so she could feel like a bridesmaid. The couple also had a shell ceremony so the 4 of them could make a wish for their new future together.

This Pismo Beach family wedding was celebrated with the couple and their children only.

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A true example of love for her step daughters shined through in this ceremony! At the end of it all I was crying happy tears after the words shared about being a mom to the two girls and a family hug as the sunset went down.

When we were planning the wedding details the bride said how excited the girls were to be in the wedding. One girl had wanted to be the bling bearer and the other daughter wanted to be a flower girl. The flower girl made her flower basket and the other carried a bouquet. All 3 ladies decided to get their hair and make up done! Then, before the ceremony, the whole family did a first look – 1st the girls with their dad and then the bride and groom.

This Pismo Beach family wedding was celebrated with the couple and their children only.

For a video from their wedding see: https://vimeo.com/265371307


Another wonderful example of love was between a soon to be step mom and step son. The step mom shared that she’d been part of the son’s life since he was an infant. It was important for the two of them to have a special moment at the ceremony. The bride wanted to give the son a watch and the step son gave the bride a ring. They both promised to be in each other’s lives and to share their love as a new family.

This Pismo Beach family wedding was celebrated with the couple and close family.

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These are just a few examples of weddings that involved family.  There are a lot more great examples of Pismo Beach Family Weddings.  Enjoy the love and family that you have!