Pismo Beach Pier View Wedding Ceremony

By January 24, 20183. Our Happy Couples, Blog

Pismo Beach Pier View Wedding Ceremony

At Coastal California Weddings, we love weddings that are small! We keep our guest list small for a lot of different reasons.  One reason is, we believe a wedding should be filled with the people who are truly important ones!  When this bride first contacted me, she said she wanted a wedding with close family and then a big celebration back home.  It was the perfect plan!

The couple loved the beach and bride said she was a bit of a hippy so pictured herself barefoot on the beach. She knew she wanted a Pismo Beach Pier View Wedding Ceremony. The couple enjoyed the beach and it was their happy  place.  Getting married in Pismo was a good option since it was the half way point for the bride’s dad and bride and groom’s children.

Before the ceremony, the couple decided to have a 1st look and do pictures with their children before the ceremony.  The 1st look and family photos took place at a hotel with a view of the ocean.  It was very important for the bride and groom to include their children and get family photos with all of them.

For decorations, the couple added on a simple arch with a garland of baby’s breath.  The bride carried a bouquet with dahlias, pink roses, and light pink calla lilies.  For the bride’s dress she selected the most perfect beach wedding dress!  It was a high low white dress that was beautiful on her!  It had a little sparkle on the top, a little longer and sheer in the back and then shorter in the front.  The bride’s dad walked her down he aisle and he was very excited to do that.  As a way to invoice the couple’s children, we added a shell ceremony to the ceremony.

To celebrate after the ceremony, the couple invited their guests to dinner with an ocean view.

It was the perfect Pismo Beach Pier View Wedding Ceremony.


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