Pismo Beach Toes in the Sand Elopement

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Pismo Beach Toes in the Sand Elopement –

On a very windy day in Pismo Beach, this couple pledged their love to one another in an evening wedding ceremony.  The bride’s daughters wore blue dresses that floated in the wind and the groom’s son wore a blue plaid shirt, just like his dad’s.  The bride was escorted down the stairs to the beach by her dad, while her mom and stepmom looked on.  She exchanged a kiss with her dad before she took her groom’s hand.  During the wedding, you could feel the love between this couple, as they looked in each other’s eyes.  And you could see the joy in the smiles of their children and the bride’s parents.  But, it wasn’t until after the vows that their story was revealed.  They both wanted to say a few words to each other after the vows.  And, that is when their story emerged.  They first met when they were five years old (in kindergarten)!!  The groom had loved her since then, but never believed they would find each other.  As so often happens, their lives drifted in different directions.  They reconnected briefly again in junior high.  Time passed; they both married and had children, and time passed some more.  But, as fate would have it, they found each other again…this time to reconnect in marriage. 

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The couple had planned to be married on the warm sands of Florida, but after a move across the country they landed on the cool shores of the Pacific Ocean in Pismo Beach. The couple celebrated their elopement in Pismo Beach with their toes in the sand.  The sun set perfectly that day to capture some beautiful pictures of the newly married couple.

Their love has continued to grow for all of these years, deepening with each passing day.   Some things in life are immediate, but others take time to happen.  We are so happy for this couple, that they are finally united and can enjoy life as a couple.  Hopefully, they will return often to the sandy shores of Pismo Beach to re-create this moment in their long history together.  All things do come to those who wait – as the saying goes.    

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