Reception Timeline

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Reception Timeline

Not sure what goes into a wedding reception?  Here is a short timeline that details the wedding reception.


If you are having a DJ, they would be great to ask to set up your timeline.  We can also help with reception coordination by helping you follow the timeline, get the music started for your reception, and create a timeline for you.


5:00 Reception start time

Guests grab drinks and appetizers (if having them)

*Cocktail Hour Playlist


5:15 The couple arrives

Announce the bride and groom

*Entrance Song


5:30 Dinner Welcome

This is a great time to thank the guests for coming

You could also do a prayer before dinner


5:45 Dinner Starts 

*Dinner Playlist


6:30 Toast

Best Man

Maid of honor

Other people can be invited to come up


You can have champagne served then or the guests can cheers with the drinks they have


6:45 First Dance

*First Dance Song


Other dance ideas:

Father Daughter Dance

Mother Son Dance


 7:00 Dancing

*Dance Playlist


7:15 Cake Cutting

Dessert and cake cutting

*Cake Song


7:30 Garter Toss

*Garter Song


7:45 Bouquet Toss

*Toss Song


8:00 The party continues

* Party Songs