San Luis Obispo Winery Small Wedding Ceremony

By September 19, 2017 8. Our Happy Couples, Blog

San Luis Obispo Winery Small Wedding Ceremony- Located just a few minutes outside of San Luis Obispo sits this beautiful, private winery and ranch. It is the perfect location for you and your guests to enjoy the beauty of nature with the mountains, rolling hills and vineyards.  This couple chose the winery since it was a half way point for the groom’s family, who was from the Bay Area, and the bride’s family, who was from Southern California.  The area was new to some of the guests so it was fun to explore the local sites, eat in downtown SLO, and relax at the beach.  The couple’s nieces and nephews joined them in the celebration and acted as flower girls, sign holders, and ring bearer.  The wedding took place in July so the vines were a bright green color.  The bride was walked down the aisle by her dad. Around her burgundy, pink and white bouquet, was wrapped a rosary that belonged to her grandmother.  Instead of exchanging rings in a traditional ceremony, the couple had a ring warming ceremony where they passed around the wedding rings and the guests held the rings and make a wish for their future. This was a special touch to the ceremony.  After a few tears and laughs, the couple sealed their love with a kiss during the San Luis Obispo winery small wedding ceremony.  After the ceremony, photos were taken with family and guests and the couple ventured into the vines to get some photos there.  Then, all the guests enjoyed dinner in San Luis Obispo at a local Italian restaurant.

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