Santa Barbara Beach Elopement

By January 3, 20183. Our Happy Couples, Blog

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Traveling all the way from the Netherlands sounds like an adventure!  I always enjoy marrying couples who live in another country. It is great to show them the Central Coast, give recommendations for road trips up and down the coast, and tell them about the local places that I enjoy.  This couple not only had a wedding, but they had a baby moon!  It’s so exciting to hear about their love stories and then see the love they share for each other.  As a special surprise, the couple was going to reveal if they were having a boy or girl after their wedding ceremony. I thought the bride was going to be having a girl, but it turned out to be a baby boy!  What an exciting day – to get married and learn if you are having a boy or girl.

The couple got married at the beach location right outside of Santa Barbara with the beautiful cliffs in the background. It was a pretty sunny day for their Santa Barbara beach elopement and the sky was the perfect blue color.  I loved how the bride decided to wear a beachy blue dress (I probably should have guessed the baby would be a boy since she wore blue!).

Since the couple was from the Netherlands, there was a special document that was needed for showing the marriage was legal in their country. We’ve married couples from other countries before and there have been no problems with our California wedding license. This couple needed a document issued by Sacramento.  The officiant and I helped the couple by going to the Santa Barbara Courthouse for the apostile document.  I couldn’t miss an opportunity to take pictures at the courthouse. It is one of my favorite historical buildings in the area. I love the Spanish style architect.  I also had a few photos of my husband and I snapped at the Santa Barbara Courthouse when we were married.