Santa Barbara Winery Elopement

By March 21, 20183. Our Happy Couples, Blog

Santa Barbara Winery Elopement_0236Santa Barbara Winery Elopement_0237Santa Barbara Winery Elopement_0238Santa Barbara Winery Elopement_0239Santa Barbara Winery Elopement_0240Santa Barbara Winery Elopement_0241Santa Barbara Winery Elopement_0242Santa Barbara Winery Elopement – They met in Florence, one of the most romantic places to earth! After spending time on adventures around the world, they decided to elope to the wine country of Santa Barbara County. They both share a love of teaching and of art. They were separated by the sea and time zones, but now will be one as husband and wife.

So, it was appropriate that their ceremony include a quote from the Florentine poet Dante. The Florentine poet Dante described writing the following words in his diary upon meeting his beloved Beatrice for the first time: “A new life begins, and from then on, I swear that Love dominated my soul.” Dante conceptualized this life as a journey and pathway, and they n are committed to walking that path together

As a special way to share their love, the groom gave him bride a necklace to show his commitment for her. They exchanged their own vows and pledged their love to each other.  Their Santa Barbara Winery Elopement took place the weekend right after Valentine’s Day.  The vines were still a rich burgundy and yellow color and the hills were starting to get green – it was such an amazing backdrop for a wedding ceremony. We ventured around the winery property and found a few more old oak trees as the backdrop for their wedding photos.

After the wedding, they enjoyed a wine tasting and took back a bottle of wine to enjoy. I’m guessing they took back the Sangiovese. It is one of my favorite wines and it reminded the couple of their journey through Italy drinking Chianti.

The couple will be spending some time in California, before they return back home.