Santa Barbara Winery Elopement

By March 22, 20173. Our Happy Couples, Blog

Santa Barbara Winery Elopement

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This couple traveled from Pasadena to the secluded hills of Los Olivos for a wedding in a picturesque vineyard – far from the hustle and bustle of a major Los Angeles suburb.  They were jointed by the groom’s father and sister, and the bride’s family.  After the ceremony, they all gathered at the winery for a private toast and wine tasting – a perfect ending to a beautiful day.

Sheltered by a huge oak tree and nestled among the green grasses, this couple said their hand-written vows to each other.  In the background, rows of vines covered the landscape, and in the distance we could see the green hills dotted with live oak trees.  This was a perfect day for a winery elopement in Santa Barbara, especially with everything so green and bright!

The bride was able to put on her dress in one of the guest houses on the property.  That way, her groom did not catch a glimpse of her until she joined him for their wedding.  Her niece sprinkled the ground with rose petals.  Our bride wore a lovely wedding dress that laced up the back and was adorned with lace.  At just the right moment, the groom turned to see her for the first time in her gown.  And, of course, he smiled.  I was so touched at how affectionate he was during the entire ceremony, holding her hand and gently stroking her thumb.   

After the ceremony, our bride gave us many compliments for helping to make her dream wedding a reality.  With tears in her eyes, she expressed how meaningful the words of the ceremony were to her, how her bouquet exceeded her expectations, and how beautiful the setting was for this late winter Santa Barbara winery elopement.