Gazebo Cliff Location

By August 21, 2017September 12th, 20203. Our Happy Couples, Blog

The bride loved the groom because he was a caring person with a big heart.  The most important qualities was that he was down to earth, loyal, and trustworthy. The groom said his bride  is kind, caring, compassionate, gorgeous, Loving, supportive, free spirited, independent, hard working, smiles often, her beautiful blue eyes, my best friend, great mama material!  I loved how the groom explained that the this was a special day for the bride and he wanted their wedding to be perfect. They decide to get married at the Sea Cliff location. It held a special place in their heart because the bride’s brother was married there too. The bride always thought the Sea Cliff was her magical place when she got married.  As a wish for their future, they wished for our future to be one full of health, life, and love.  They wanted to continue to be blessed by God with all that we have in order to live well through thanks and praise. They also wish on their wedding day to continue living a compassionate lifestyle and impacting the world in a positive way and being role models to those around us. And to add a little humor, they hoped to have a few healthy vegan kids that grow up in a home full of optimism, lots of hugs and kisses, and life building experiences.

To add to the beach theme, the bride was barefoot for the ceremony.  The couple enjoyed photos down by the beach.  For their reception they celebrated at a local Italian eatery.

For this wedding, the ceremony took place at the Gazebo Cliff and then pictures on the beach after the ceremony.  If you want beach photos, please let us know so we can make sure the tide works for that day!

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