Shell Beach Cliff Side Wedding

By March 22, 20173. Our Happy Couples, Blog

Shell Beach Cliff Side Wedding

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The sign the couple held up really summed up their winter wedding – Weathering Life’s Storms Together.  We had received a record amount of rain in the days before their marriage.  In fact, the wedding time was even pushed back the start time of their wedding, in the hopes that the rain would leave and the sun would shine.  What should have been a 2 hour drive for their guests turned out to be 4 to 5 hours due to closed highways and detours.

The groom grew up in Washington state and the bride lived there for 30 years, but finally she decided to escape the rain and move to sunny California.  Then, 2 ½ years ago, the groom moved to California to be with the love of his life.  Since both love the water and sunshine, it was especially fitting that they wanted to stand together overlooking the Pacific Ocean and pledge their love and commitment to each other, in front of family and friends. But, they had no idea the Washington rain would follow them here.     

The bride wore a perfect beach wedding dress in ivory and carried a bouquet of white and pale peach flowers.  The same flowers decorated the arch.  I love the fact that this couple’s wish for the future was to spend many happy hours together enjoying their grandchildren.  So sweet.

The bride’s sister made the signs and the couple was joined by friends and family who drive from Washington and Bakersfield to share in the couple’s love.