Shell Beach Getting Ready Photos

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Shell Beach Getting Ready Photos – I always like the getting ready photos of the bride.  It is, here special day and why not capture more photos of her!  The getting ready photos show the details – the shoes, the flowers, the rings, the dress, the finishing touches of the make up and hair, the special times with those who mean a lot of you – bridesmaids, sisters, and mom.  A lot of the times, the black and white images of the bride getting ready show what’s going on, before the actually wedding ceremony.  The black and white images show that the getting ready photos were a little different than the actual ceremony.

For this bride’s Shell Beach getting ready photos, she had her hair and make up professional done before Julie arrived to take her photos.  It is always nice to have a professional be in charge of pampering you for your special day! She didn’t put on her dress, but stayed in her robe until a little before the ceremony.

The photographer can get the happy moments with the dress and the detail photos of the bride putting on the dress and other people helping her.  Some photos can be taken of the bride and her bridesmaids.

Getting ready photos are not just for the bride, the groom can have getting ready photos also.  But, more time is spent with the bride with her photos.

To prepare for the getting ready photos here are some tips:

  • Have your dress ready to be photographed – the photographer will take your dress to a place with the best lighting for photos
  • Have your shoes, the rings, and other accessories ready for photos
  • If you have an invitation, make sure to bring that for the photos
  • Save putting on the final touches of lipstick until after the dress in on
  • Laugh and smile, show emotion for the photos
  • If you are a private person and don’t want to get dressed in front of the photographer, just let us know. We can still get pictures of you being buttoned up or putting your shoes on

Sometimes, having a first look is part of getting ready photos. The bride gets ready and meets her groom at a location outside or near their hotel.  Click here for some information about the 1st look.

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