Small Wedding Pismo Beach

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Small Wedding Pismo Beach –

Some times it takes a while to find that special place where you want to get married. I know for me, I searched for months, all the way from the top of California to the bottom of California. I’d get so excited when I found a venue that looked like it would fit our wedding. Some were a good fit, others never emailed me back, and the worst was when the venue fee alone was as much as the wedding budget.

The couple had been looking for a venue for about 1 ½ years, when they discovered Coastal California Weddings on the internet.  After looking at the website and the pictures of the beautiful Central Coast, they knew they had found their special place.  So, they traveled from Redding, CA to seal their love and take their vows.   This wedding took place at Pismo Beach, on the sand, surrounded by tidepools and gentle waves.  I am sure the couple will return often to their special place, and re-live the joy of this day. Surrounded by family and friends, many wearing blue attire, the couple had their perfect “toes in the sand” small wedding Pismo Beach.

The groom was a little nervous before the ceremony, so he and the minister chatted to calm his nerves.  He even told the minister that he might cry during the ceremony.  I love it when our groom shed their tears of joy.  It is especially heartwarming to see men touched with emotion.

The bride was escorted down the stairs to the beach by her dad.  Then, the groom turned to see her for the first time.  The smile on his face said it all.  And, yes, she was as beautiful as he had imagined.  She wore a stunning mermaid gown, with a fitted bodice adorned with beading and accented with tulle.  As her father kissed her and handed her over to her groom (with a hearty handshake and a smile), her groom lifted her veil.  Before the ceremony, he asked if he could lift the veil when he first saw her.  I explained that, traditionally, the veil was lifted at the end of the ceremony, before the kiss.  But, I said that today, there really are no rules, and if he wanted to see her face during the entire ceremony, that would be fine.

The skies were  blue, the sun was out, and the beach it was nice and warm.  The bride’s mother said that she had prayed for a sunny day, and she certainly got her wish.

I think our groom got his wish, too.  After they were pronounced husband and wife, he lifted up his hand and showed off his new ring.  Yes, he was finally married to the girl of his dreams, and his wish had come true!


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