The Margo Dodd Gazebo Pismo Beach

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There are so many beautiful locations on the Central Coast to get married! We’ve scouted beaches, wineries, and other spots to find that perfect location for our couples where the backdrop is picture perfect. Year after year, the gazebo cliff and Margo Dodd gazebo in Pismo Beach location is still our favorite location for our wedding packages with guests.

Here’s why the Margo Dodd Gazebo Pismo Beach is our favorite location:

1.) Beautifully romantic backdrop

Located on the cliffs with the bright blue ocean in the background, the Margo Dodd gazebo in Pismo Beach has an amazing ocean view. Getting married in the Margo Dodd gazebo or on the grassy area with the gazebo in the background adds to the romance of your wedding day. Special touches like flowers, lanterns and an arch are decoration options that make your wedding day more beautiful. Before the wedding, guests can even see the whales in the water, catch a glimpse of dolphins jumping, watch seals swimming, and do plenty of bird watching. There are large rock formations and distant cliffs of Pismo that are pretty for pictures.

2.) Exclusive use of the space

The Margo Dodd gazebo area and side space are all reserved for you and your guests for the wedding. This means you are the only ones in the space! At locations like the beach, it’s public property so you might have a sun bather in your photos or a big blue pop up tent in the background. For the gazebo, the only people in the space are you and your guests. There are areas for large group photos and plenty of space for your guests to gather.

3.) Sandy beach for photos 

Since your wedding is at the beach, why not have your pictures taken on the sand. After the ceremony, unwind at the beach with couple’s photos. Kick off your shoes and let the tide wash up. This sandy beach has 2 caves, neat rock formations, tidepools and plenty of sand. The beach is a nice place to escape from your guests and think about your special day while taking photos.  And, it is just a short walk from the gazebo.

romantic_pismo_beach_wedding_pictures_by_coastalcaliforniaweddings4.) Easy for guests to get to 

For weddings with guests who might have trouble walking on the sand or long distances, the Margo Dodd gazebo is a very short and easy walk from the street parking. Sometimes a wedding on the beach is a concern for couples with parents or grandparents who have difficulty walking in the sand. We’ve seen a few people stumble on the sand, so the gazebo has a nice walk way and grassy space for guests.

5.) Plenty of parking

Finding parking can always be a challenge. But at the gazebo, there is plenty of parking. We’ve had 50 guests at weddings and no parking problems. Parking is free, unlike some local beaches.

6.) Away from the busyness of the pier

Pismo Beach is still a favorite beach to walk on or take the kids to play in the sand at. But, sometimes near the pier it can get a little crowded. I like the gazebo since it’s a few miles away from the pier. You actually can see the pier in the distance. The Marg Dodd gazebo is in Pismo if you want to stay in that area, but far enough away that you and your guests can still feel like you are at the beach, but not have the crowds surrounding you.

7.) The guests love the million dollar view

Everyone loves the views from the cliffs. From the gazebo, there is a 180 degree view from Point Sal to Pismo and Avila. You will always spot sea life from birds to dolphins and even whales in the late summer. Your guest will be stunned by the ocean view and  think you chose a hidden gem to get married at this beach location.

8.) You can add extra decorations to personalize things

The gazebo location is beautiful the way it is, but you have the option of adding extra decorations like flowers, lanterns and an arch.

9.) We take care of it all for you

This is actually what we do!  We take care of all the planning so you can worry about the fun things.

Let us plan your gazebo wedding today!

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