Toes in the Sand Elopement

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Toes in the Sand Elopement – For this toes in the sand elopement, the bride and groom selected a secluded stretch of beach with the pier in the distance, but far from the hustle and bustle of the pier area.  After a little hike through a eucalyptus grove, and several photos along the way, they arrived at their special spot and chose a small sand dune on which to have their ceremony.  The bride looked so pretty in her long, lacy cream-colored wedding gown and the groom was equally handsome in his dark suit.  Her bouquet had white dahlias, bright pink baby roses, and splashes of her favorite color – bright yellow.  And, of course, the groom’s boutonnière was also yellow. 

Pismo Beach Sand Wedding_0003

Pismo Beach Sand Wedding_0005

All day the clouds had looked dark and threatening, but as we approached the beach, we saw how the clouds had lifted from the horizon and were layered overhead, giving a soft glow to the evening.  Faint rays of sunlight were in the distance, illuminating the hills and the ocean.  The waves were gently lapping on the shore and a stillness settled over the area.  Shortly after the ceremony ended, the sun broke through – as if to say “congratulations” to the happy couple.

Pismo Beach Sand Wedding_0004

Brian and Kristine expressed their love and commitment to one another by reciting their own vows – a personal message to one another in which they expressed how fortunate they were to find each other.  After being together for eight years, they were finally committing their faithfulness to one another.  Their friendship and mutual love grew during those years and today the groom got the girl of his dreams.  They had truly found their soulmate.  Each talked about the life they would live together and how they would push each other to be the best each could be.  As they held each other’s hands and looked into each other’s eyes, their love was so evident.

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May that love continue to grow through the years.  May they grow together as individuals and closer as a couple through their mutual love and enduring friendship.  Best wishes!