Toes in the Sand Beach Elopement

By August 21, 2016February 17th, 20173. Our Happy Couples, Blog

Toes in the Sand Beach Elopement – This happy couple wanted to get their special day started first thing in the morning!  They wanted all the time they could do spend the day together as husband and wife eating pizza and hanging out on the beach.  The groom was one of the happiest I’ve seen in a while – skipped down the stairs to the beach and having a grin on his face through the whole ceremony.  He was so happy to be getting married and had the biggest smile on his face.  I know that there two were so happy to have found each other!   No nerves and no jitters on this day for him.

At first, the groom selected a sandy stretch of beach for the toes in the sand beach elopement, but then he spotted another area that was just perfect.  It was a rocky area, with green moss clinging to the rocks and tide pools between the rocks.  In fact, as he looked closer he was able to spot several sea creatures moving in the water.  As he waited for his bride to make her entrance, his brother snapped some shots of the area.  Rocky cliffs were in the background, Avila and the surrounding hills were in the distance, and small waves broke over the rocks.  Wispy clouds hung in the sky, with patches of blue overhead.  The sun hid behind the clouds, but offered warmth to the setting.

The groom wanted to be surprised and didn’t want to see his bride until she made her entrance.  So, his back was to the staircase.  He was joined on the rocks by his family and his bride’s family.  All the guests wore lavender – a perfect touch for this intimate wedding.  Finally, he was able to turn around as his bride appeared.  She wore a beautiful lace wedding dress, purple flowers in her hair, and she carried a lovely bouquet of purple and lavender flowers.   As they joined hands, they recited their vows to each other, as their family looked on.

Peeking from underneath her wedding dress, the bride wore the cutest lacy Tom’s.  And, of course, the groom had his black Tom’s – so casual and cute for this beach wedding!

Certainly, this couple will sprinkle laughter into their marriage, if the groom’s happy spirit on this day is any indication.  May they remember to never go to bed angry, for now they are able to spend each day with the person of their dreams, and when all else fails – go out for pizza!  All the best to you two!

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