Top 10 Amazing Wedding Favor Ideas

By January 5, 20201. Wedding Planning, Blog

Everyone wants a unique wedding and, in the process of trying to make everything perfect, we sometimes forget to enjoy the moment. Here are some top 10 amazing wedding favor ideas.

These ideas came from our friend Emma over at Vow to Be Chic.

Brides always try to make their guests feel welcome, and wedding favors are considered an important part of what people are left with after the event is over. 

Wedding favors have to say “thank you for being with us today”, so we totally understand the pressure of making the right choice. 

If you’re out of ideas, here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Key to Happiness Bottle Opener

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When you think of bottle openers, you probably have a very dull image and mind, but if you’re thinking that’s not even a wedding favor, it’s because you haven’t found stylish wedding ones. 

This is literally the cutest form of thanking your wedding guests for being a “key” part of your lives. There are plenty of different designs for these key bottle openers, but also chromatic variations if you’d prefer a copper or a golden finish instead of a silver one.

  1. Shot Glasses
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When it comes to weddings, pretty much anything can be turned into a favor IF the idea is correctly executed. Take shot glasses, for instance. They might seem like a terrible idea for a wedding favor, but what if you engraved them with your initials, or a memorable message, or the date of your wedding? 

Would that make more sense as a gift? You can get really playful with the engravings, plus they’re a favor that makes total sense since the wedding is a party and where there’s a party, there’s alcohol. 

  1. Candy 

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Can you ever go wrong with candy? It’s been as a wedding favor for years and years, and the trend is not going to disappear anytime soon. If you can find heart-shaped candy, even better. 

Giving your guests a yummy treat they can take home will be appreciated and enjoyed by people of all ages. Of course, you can go wild when it comes to sweet wedding favors. It can be lollipops, muffins, chocolates, or whatever you think might satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth. 

  1. Candles

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The thing about giving candles out as wedding favors is that your options are basically unlimited. They can be simple, white, colored, in glasses, with messages, without messages, tall, short, or whatever you think might serve as a better trinket for your guests to remember this day. 

It’s not uncommon for coupled to go with glass candles with love quotes because what is a wedding if not a celebration of love?

  1. Fridge Magnets

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If you’re not a collector of fridge magnets yourself, then you surely know at least one person who has their entire fridge decorated with souvenirs from all corners of the world. A fridge magnet makes the perfect wedding favor for a million different reasons. 

Everyone owns a fridge, they can be attached to other appliances in the house, they’re colorful, can be extremely customizable, they last forever, they’re unique, and they always stay in sight. What more could you ask for?

  1. Lavender Sacks

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We’ll try not to make this description about the awesomeness of lavender and how it’s one of the most therapeutic aromatherapy plants in the world. 

Let’s just stick to the fact that everyone loves the scent of lavender and that it can make a great wedding favor, especially if you have an outdoor summer wedding planned. 

You can purchase prepackaged sacks of lavender or buy the sacks and the lavender separately and make them by yourself. 

  1. Keychains

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Everyone loves a cute-looking keychain, which makes these potential wedding favors a great idea to consider. There’s plenty of customizing to be done with this idea. Keychains can be made from metal, wood, plastic, and other materials. 

They can be unique so that each guest will own a different one. The greatest part about choosing wooden keychains is that if you have a pyrography pen, you can actually burn them yourself, and what a wonderful handmade wedding favor it would make!

  1. Soap

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Do you know what would make a great wedding favor? Soap! In all shapes, sizes, colors, and scents, soap gives you plenty of space to work with customization as well. You can carve plenty of different things in a soap bar, and there are hundreds of cute packaging or boxes that you can choose for them. 

If you want more versatility and uniqueness, you can choose a soap bar with a different scent for each particular guest, which would be a real hit if you knew everyone’s preferences when it comes to scents. 

  1. Bubble Wands
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Bubbles wands make excellent wedding favors, and they will surely be a hit with your younger wedding guests. Even after the content is gone, people can mix water and dish soap to refill the bottles and hold onto these wedding favors for a long time. 

You can create personalized wedding bubble wand bottles with your names, the date of the wedding, the name of the guest it goes out to, a love quote, an inspirational message, or whatever you think makes more sense. 

Fair warning: if you have a lot of children at your wedding, there are high chances those bottles will empty before people actually get to leave the restaurant. 

  1. Miniature Honey Jars
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For the longest time, we’ve heard love being associated with sweetness. When you think of it this way, giving our miniature jars of honey as wedding favors, makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? 

Honey can be preserved for a very long time, and you can label each jar with whatever text or message you feel is more appropriate. 

But you don’t have to limit yourself to just honey in a jar: you can opt for jam, peanut butter, cocoa spread, miniature candy, or other treats that you think your guests would love to take home.