Trust Your Wedding Planner

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Trust Your Wedding Planner

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with a couple who traveled from Las Vegas. They are getting married in a few months and wanted to finalize some things. We had gone over some details and they asked me some great questions. Half way through, the groom looked at me and asked, “well, you have been planning weddings for awhile, so we trust your opinion.” These are honestly the best words I can hear from a couple!

I do enjoy it when the couple adds their own special touch. But, when half of the wedding guests have assigned seats, the wedding party has to start walking at exactly 20 seconds into a song, or there are 20 Pinterest photo examples the couple wants, this might not be the type of wedding planning we do. I like to keep things easy. I actually had a bride tell me that she wanted her wedding to be casual and fun. I think these are also good words that describe what we do. Trust Your Wedding Planner!

I need there to be a level of trust. So, trust that I’ve seen a lot of weddings and know what is best for the couple.

So here are a few “trust me” things:

  • Trust me, your bouquet will be beautiful! Our florists have experience in floral design and know their flowers. We’ve had brides cry when they got their bouquet.  And, you don’t need to see the flowers ahead of time.
  • Trust me, Pinterest doesn’t have all the answers. Just because you saw a photo on there of a wedding, doesn’t mean yours will look like that wedding. And really, do you want to copy someone else’s wedding?  You can do a similar look or tell us what you love about the Pinterest inspiration photo, but try to do something unique to you.
  • Trust me, sneaking away to do photos of just the two of you are way better than having the guests watching you take pictures hugging, holding and kissing.
  • Trust me, feel like a celebrity!  This is your day and do things that make you feel extra special – get your hair done, and make up done, order room service for breakfast, and let people take a ton of photos of you.
  • Trust me, plan to be early or right on time . The worst thing is to stress about all you have to do on your wedding day.  If you are running late this adds extra stress and might make your fiancĂ© think you don’t want to go through with the wedding plans.  But really, the guests are all waiting, our staff is waiting and you may have less time for photos.  It’s important to be on time or even a little early.
  • Trust me, let us handle the photos. We know lightning and backdrops. If there is a pose or 2 you love then send that over. But, most of the time, we’ve seen couples show us pages of pictures they like and it’s not always the best to copy that photo.  Again, be original to who you are and let us capture your special day your day!

We’ve done a lot of weddings and are happy to give you wedding day advice. Trust your wedding planner