Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

If you forgot or don’t have any time to get a gift, here’s a few really simple one!

Date Night In

Get that special someone an Amazon gift card and invite them for a special date night in.  Buy or rent that movie you two have been wanting to see and let that special someone know you will be cooking them a special meal. Or instead of cooking, you can order in for the night. To make the night even more romantic, have dessert ready and your favorite bottle of wine or drink. Gift Card in a Dot Box””

Love Coupons – Instant Download

A cute way to gift that special someone a fun gift is to give them love coupons.  

Here’s the link for where to buy the instant download.

If you just got married here’s a great gift to give.

Our Wedding Day Frame

This is such a cute way to display all of your favorite photos from your wedding!  It’s also easy to attach the photos with the mini clothes pins that the give you. The frame would be the best Valentine’s gift for couples who were newly married also!

Kate & Milo Keepsake ‘Our Wedding Day’ Collage Picture Frame, Wedding Gift, Newlywed Gift, Silver

For the person who cherishes special times

Shadowbox with Keepsakes

This elegant looking shadowbox hold the perfect treasures!  Add your favorite photo from the two of you along with something you treasure – think the last time you went to the beach and caught a selfie and found some shells on the beach. Then write your love a card about that trip and how you want to take many more together! 

Mud Pie Marriage Distressed Keepsake Memory Shadow Box Wedding Shadowbox, Brown

For that one who loves everything Disney!

Minnie Earrings plus tickets to Disneyland (if you are feeling really in LOVE)

For that Minnie fan in your life, grab her some cute earrings. Also, if you really want to show some love this year, make a coupon that says you two will be having a trip to Disneyland soon. 

Disney Women’s Jewelry Minnie Mouse Silver Plated Brass October Birthstone Stud Earrings

Good morning sunshine

How about getting up a little early and making them breakfast in bed. Start with coffee or hot chocolate, waffles with strawberries, and cookies to go.  Top it off with a card with a sweet message. 

Oh no, I have no time…

If you are waiting until the very last minutes, like on Friday on your way home from work, here are some ideas:


Stock up on a bottle or can of their favorite beverage.

Think flavored sodas, chocolate wine, or a hoppy IPA.


For that special guy – nice tube of shaving cream, man soap, and some aftershave (yummy, you smell so good)

For that special lady – nail polish, good smelling lotion, and some accessories like a necklace or earrings

Hope these Valentine’s Day gift s make your special someone extra happy!

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