Wedding Ceremony Details

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Wedding Ceremony Details

We provide our couples with a customized ceremony. Here’s a little bit about Coastal California Wedding’s Wedding Ceremony Details .


Long, average, or short

  • The average ceremony is 15 minutes. You can choose to have it longer or shorter.
  • A shorter ceremony would be 10 minutes and a long one would be around 20 minutes.
  • Longer ceremonies include a shell unity ceremony and having more than 1 reading or poem. The ceremonies that tend to be heavier on  mentioning  God are longer too.



Traditional, modern

  • A traditional wedding ceremony would include all the features of a normal wedding ceremony – introduction, talk about marriage, vows, rings, and ending.
  • Modern wedding ceremony might have things in a different order, or might include certain customizations and changes from the traditional ceremony. Some couples don’t exchange ring for a modern ceremony.


Religious or not 

  • A religious wedding ceremony would be something specific to the two of you. For example, maybe you are Catholic and want the ceremony to have a few Catholic elements. We’ve had a couple where he was Muslim and she was Christian. They wanted to highlight their two faiths so we incorporated a Muslim blessing and Verse from the Bible. Or adding a Buddhist blessing and other traditions.


God or no God 

For the ceremony you can have it mention God or not mention God.

  • If you want to mention God do you want a little or a lot? Sometimes our couples say they are not religious, but want God to bless their marriage. This would be a light sprinkle of God in the ceremony. God would be mentioned in the introduction and then in a blessing.
  • Other couples want their ceremony to focus around God. This would include a blessing at the beginning and end, reading of scripture, blessing of the rings and final prayer.


Shell and sand unity ceremony 

  • The unity ceremony is added to the wedding ceremony to show the bond of two people becoming one.
  • Included in some packages or as an add on, we provide a Shell and sand unity ceremony. There are special words that are said as part of the unity ceremony. You and your fiancĂ© are given a Shell. The Shell is held during the unity ceremony. Then they are places in a keepsake container that is filled with sand. The Shell and sand unity ceremony is a great reminder of your special day and beach wedding.

Plant ceremony 

  • For couples who have a green thumb and are a bit more natural, a plant unity ceremony can be added to your wedding ceremony. It’s the same idea as the sand ceremony and normally done at winery weddings.



  • For the ceremony you can say your own vows or choose to have the officiant say your vows and you repeat I do.



  • Most couples exchange wedding rings during the ceremony. If you want to exchange a gift or something besides a ring that goes on the finger please let us know.



  • If you have children together, or his and hers, there are ways to include them. Maybe in the shell ceremony, in the blessing, having them do a reading, or give them a small gift.



  • Make sure you have a nice, long kiss! It’s much better for photos.

These are the basics for the Wedding Ceremony Details.