Avila Beach Wedding

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Avila Beach Wedding – Kimberly and Dave – As the saying goes, “Love is like the wind; you can’t see it but, you can feel it”.  On a very windy day in Avila, these two were married. And, love was certainly in the air.  This couple decided to have an Avila Beach Wedding. Tt is where they had their first out of town date. So, the location had special meaning to them.   

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The ocean was a bluish-green, with crashing waves and plenty of sea spray kicked up by the winds.  The waves gave the perfect backdrop for some great pictures.

This couple met seven years ago, but their paths had crossed for the last twenty years.  They just were not destined to meet back then.  But, finally their paths crossed, they fell in love, and had an Avila Beach wedding.  To represent the once-separate paths that have now become one, they decided to have a sand ceremony. They were each given a container of colored sand, each representing the separate journey they were once on, as well as their own set of friends and family.  As they poured their individual containers into one larger container, the sand was blended, representing the coming together of their family and friends, through marriage, into one. And, their once solitary journey will now be one of companionship, as they walk a single path together into their future.

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Before the wedding, it was nice to stand at the top of the stairs and look out at the beach below.  The chairs for the wedding were tied with colorful sashes that blew in the breeze.  While the aisle chairs were tied in Tiffany blue, accented with a starfish, the remaining chairs were tied with coral.  Two vases of twigs with coral and white flowers were at the end of the aisle, as was a table containing the vessels for the sand ceremony. It was nice to pause for a moment before the festivities began.

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The weather was beautiful (no rain, as predicted), the groom was so handsome in his buff-colored jacket, and of course the bride was stunning with her up-do and beautiful gown.  They were surrounded by the groom’s daughters, family members and friends who came to celebrate the occasion.  Love was truly in the air during their Avila Beach wedding!   

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